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For free: complimentary family pass to the Dartmoor Miniature Pony Centre

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AbricotsSecs Thu 13-Aug-09 09:58:17

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Thu 13-Aug-09 09:59:33

Message withdrawn

Fennel Thu 13-Aug-09 10:12:40

Where's it from and why is it free? We like going there and would be interested in a complimentary pass.

AbricotsSecs Thu 13-Aug-09 14:54:15

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Thu 13-Aug-09 14:55:03

Message withdrawn

Fennel Thu 13-Aug-09 15:30:40

Well if noone else is wanting the pass I shall hang around hopefully smile

AbricotsSecs Thu 13-Aug-09 17:33:56

Message withdrawn

Fennel Thu 13-Aug-09 21:38:03

That would be lovely thanks. My dds went at Easter and have asked to go again. When does it have to be used by?

I will email you my address, though I might be in the city centre tomorrow and I do generally come several times a week but am not at work for the next few weeks.

AbricotsSecs Fri 14-Aug-09 20:32:07

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Mon 17-Aug-09 21:59:01

Message withdrawn

Fennel Mon 17-Aug-09 22:00:43

hi I did email you, it must have failed. I'll try again.....

Fennel Mon 17-Aug-09 22:01:35

that first part, does it actually have a hyphen in?

AbricotsSecs Mon 17-Aug-09 22:26:25

Message withdrawn

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