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A thread for the Ayrshire mums to catch up and generally pass the time of day.

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macdog Tue 11-Aug-09 17:37:26

How is everyone??
DottyPS? Irvinemum? Anyone else??

Anyone going to Pre-5 Playday in Nethermains Hall tomorrow?

2 sessions : 10.30 - 12.30 and 12.30 - 3.30

Soft play, messy play and just a chance to let them cut loose for a while

I'm going to both sessions, it's my local hall.

irvinemum Tue 11-Aug-09 21:51:52

i,m sure go to 1 of them if i can find the place lol i mite c u there then

macdog Wed 12-Aug-09 08:01:42

Nethermains Hall is here

irvinemum Wed 12-Aug-09 09:19:55

i,m giving it miss today my hubby off work so we,re having some family time so i see u on the friday 1 hun i hope u have good time

macdog Thu 13-Aug-09 19:26:04

Howdy all!

Everyone else counting down the hours till school/nursery starts??

Can't be just me surely hmm

DollyPS Fri 14-Aug-09 01:45:41

Tis DOLLY hahahaha

but like Dotty too or are you trying to tell me some thing lol!!!!!!

Kids are 12 mind well 12 and now 13 for the twins ooooh teens I have again.

I aint counting down at all as the kids have been great this year with the hols and we have been out and about and I havent heard the words "I'm bored" thank god.

Kids back in 4 days and they are the ones to keep telling me as they want to catch up with their mates bless

macdog Fri 14-Aug-09 05:23:28


Think it says more about me.

I am so sorry, I am such a scatty mare sometimes

DollyPS Fri 14-Aug-09 16:02:13

tis funny to be called Dotty though and nowt wrong woth being scatty either LOL!!!!!!

Is the littley asking to go back to nursery now. I remember mine at that age and them asking for weeks when do we go back and me telling em not yet.

I have been having a lazy day today as its pissing down here again.

How about you lot then

DollyPS Fri 14-Aug-09 16:03:28

My you were up early there mind so was I to with the youngest lad but he slept 8 hours so I didnt mind the early rise. I got all my housework done to boot and he help with it too bless.

macdog Fri 14-Aug-09 17:30:57

woke up teetering on the brink of falling out the bed - dh was slowly but surely pushing me out!!

Got up, MNed and FBed for a bit then met Irvinemum at the tots playday.

dd has been asking for about the last fortnight if she's going back to nursery - lol grin

Got absolutely drenched walking back from Ardeer to bus stop, but dd and I snuggled up in dressing gowns watching Tom & Jerry on DVD

DollyPS Sat 15-Aug-09 00:04:07

tis been raining a lot today hasnt it. Kids are asking where is this and that for going back to school now LOL!!!!!

Hope you both had a fab day out though minus the rain though.

At the mo we have in the house hannah montana and the suite life which I hate.

they also watch big brother as I do to at times.

irvinemum Sat 15-Aug-09 01:13:21

dolly it was lovely day cos we were inside but it was heavy rain yay lucky my girls loves rain we looked like 2 wet dogs when we got home yay
thanks macday 4 a lovely time have good time tuesday

DollyPS Sat 15-Aug-09 01:27:09

good I had me early rise and mostly had a jammy day with the kids.

Then on here for a bit and had to listen to my mother bitch at me that wasnt good thats for sure but thats another thread there hen

DollyPS Sat 15-Aug-09 14:12:21

hello everyone still in the land of the living I hope

Been getting the last of the school stuff but cant find coats anywhere that fit arghhhhhhh

macdog Sat 15-Aug-09 18:06:51

Nightmare! Can't even think of anywhere to recommned as you've probably tried them all

macdog Sat 15-Aug-09 18:07:31


Og FFS, I'm off for a lie down in a dark room!

irvinemum Sat 15-Aug-09 19:07:30

aww that sound sad lying in a dark room i,m knitting yay

macdog Sat 15-Aug-09 19:21:37

took dd swimming today - great fun. She even swam in the big pool "COOOOOOLD"

DollyPS Sat 15-Aug-09 19:33:48

cool now does that make her a big girl then hen.

Nowt wrong with the spelling mistakes I do it too all the time actually,

I got coats after all at Irvine Primark woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

No shoes for the lad and he is a size 7 so men sizes there and they are so bloody dear oh well black trainers me thinks.

Of to Argos the mora for bags for them and then I am all set I think cos I bet I forgot something I do it every year by the way LOL!!!!!

macdog Sun 16-Aug-09 09:47:02

she swims without armbands, but in the wee pool she gets lazy and keeps her feet on the ground.
Might try taking her in the big pool every time we go, get her used to proper swimming

Glad you got their coats at last.
So weird to think that that's the summer over

Was going to go to the Marymass Horse show in Eglinton today, but the weather is against us. Maybe it'll clear later

Macdog Mon 17-Aug-09 19:11:15

How did their first day go Dolly??

Macdog Wed 19-Aug-09 08:26:53

U2 gig was spectacular! grin

Macdog Wed 19-Aug-09 17:31:16

dd back at nursery today.

Am shattered after late night last night and REALLY hope she goes to bed early

How's everyone else??

how are the big 'uns doing at school Dolly??

DollyPS Fri 21-Aug-09 15:28:13

the big uns are loving it and we are looking to send the man back to school as well. He is on his meds now for his ADHD and he hasnt shut up LOL!!!!! So much for calming him down eh.

I give them a month to kick in and then we'll take it from there for him bless.

hectic here as usual sweetie but what can I expect eh what with having loads of kids and steppies.

Need to clear a day for a natter and a coffee. So what do you say. That includes Irvinemum to by the way. Should be fun.

You went to the U2 gig I am so jealous jammy git you are LOL!!!!!!!!

How are the littleys taking to the nurseries then and have you had the painted pics home to be given pride of place yet.

Macdog Fri 21-Aug-09 17:08:11

No pics yet, lol give it time......

still at sixes and sevens trying to get used to routine again, but will keep in touch and maybe get a day sorted in a couple of weeks???

Glad you're ok Dolly, keep in touch smile

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