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Shared Nanny - Bishopston

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LisAnderson Tue 11-Aug-09 14:04:21

I'm expecting my first baby in early Feb next year. I want to return to work & am looking at childcare options.

A shared nanny is one option that certainly appeals to me.

Does anyone have any views, recomendaitons or know of anymum who's also thinking about that as a childcare options?

navyeyelasH Fri 21-Aug-09 17:35:50

I'm a nanny and I work for three different familes one of which is a nannyshare and I love it. I love the babies and the families and we have had no problems what so ever with the share.

I think it helps though that the mums are best mates so no conflicting advice/approaches, the babies are the exact same age, I always have the children in the same house and each mum only has 1 child so no-one feels like they are the most important in the share, should be paying less etc IYSWIM?

Another alternative is a childminder which many mums don't seem to know much about. I'm changing my career to a childminder in Sep/Oc time and am happy to give you advice about each and I've also worked in nurseries too. Just post back any questions.

Good luck!

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