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Streamvale Farm - Best day I have had out in ages

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TheYearOfTheCat Mon 10-Aug-09 22:31:54

Really, if you haven't been already, I strongly recommend it. In fact, even if you have been before, go again.

We went last Friday afternoon, and somewhat unbelievably, my two DC were so enthralled, they didn't fight with each other at all!

Loads to do - we cuddled baby chicks, saw mice in their special dinosaur house, bounced down the straw bounce, went on a tractor ride to feed deer, (and saw Hamish, Ireland's oldest bull, en route), milked a cow!!, fed lambs, and cuddled rabbits. Not to mention the great picnic area with play area, and all the play tractors at hand.

We finished the afternoon off with a cup of tea, ice creams for the kids, and brought home a tub of farm-made ice-cream for DH!

Under 3s are free, our entire day cost £19.50 - Entrance £5 adults, £4.50 for over 3s, £1.50 each for the tractor ride, again, under 3s free, and our cafe purchases, including 1 litre of ice-cream to takeaway, was £7. Great value!

We had a fab day. See here. Enjoy!

Ronaldinhio Tue 19-Jan-10 00:21:31

we went in the summer and had a brilliant time
totally agree

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