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Playgroups in the local area

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eyebrows Sat 25-Jul-09 13:59:20

I am new to the website and can't believe the amount of info on the website- it's great!
If anyone has any recommendations for playgroups where i can leave my 2 year old in the local area for an extra half a day whilst i'm at work it would be much appreciated. Most groups i have seen appear to be mother and toddler groups or nurseries. I imagine child minders are difficult to trace for such a short spell of time.

wobbegong Mon 27-Jul-09 19:49:31

Welcome to Mumsnet eyebrows. Just scratching my head for you. Probably depends where you are as Haringey is a big area!

The best place I have seen a number of plagroups are listed is in the back of the Haringey Families newsletter. Have you joined them? See

elkiedee Tue 28-Jul-09 00:40:40

Eyebrows, is your 2 year old just 2 or nearer 3? And whereabouts are you?

eyebrows Wed 29-Jul-09 14:09:39

Thankyou for the idea re the newsletter, i will follow that idea up. In answer to your question elkiedee we live in the crouch end area and my little girl is two and a half......

elkiedee Sat 01-Aug-09 15:59:54

Stationers Playgroup at Hornsey Vale Community Centre runs from 2.5 in term time but is mornings 9.15 to 11.45 only, might not be enough for what you need.

twelveyeargap Sun 16-Aug-09 16:16:59

Lots of childminders now work with childcare assistants so although aren't listed as "nurseries", actually have lots of children on a part term basis. Mine has up to 9 children at any one time, but around 25 different children coming each week.

My children used to go for one morning a week, now one day. It's not actually hard to find people to do it. Search the site for people with vacancies and you'll probably get lucky.

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