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Say no to the proposed Orange mobile phone pole on Fitzjohn's Avenue!

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vava Wed 08-Jul-09 01:00:38

Dear Locals,

The mobile operator Orange has applied to Camden council to erect a Mast / Telecom pole in the middle of Fitzjohn?s Avenue in Hampstead.

This proposal may have a significant effect on the health of your children and thus we urge you to act.

This is of direct concern with respect to the young children based on reasons such as:
1. The thickness of a young child?s skull is less than that of an adult and so that person is more exposed to the effects of radio frequency.
2. Schools are rather an exceptional case. Each day the kids will play in the playground and are exposed to the radio frequencies emitted, so there is certainty of exposure.
3. A young person may only suffer the effects of what is presently unproven and unknown in 10 -20 years? time.

With this in mind we urge you to object by writing an email, quoting the Ref number: 2009/2524/P in the subject box to: ,
and c.c. (Camden Councillor & Executive Member for the Environment at Camden ) to object.

and/or Complete the online comment form at the link below:

Given the proposed application is in the middle of a conservation area please note other relevant objections:

1. Harm to the character and appearance of the conservation area, contrary to UDP policy B7 - Conservation Areas

o Compromise visual aspect/ street cluttering & increased furniture

2. Failure to respect the setting of the area, contrary to UDP policy B1 - General design principles (e.g. does not create any unacceptable environmental, amenity, safety, highway, or other problems)

Response deadline: 17 July 2009

Relevant articles:

Please take the time to write the objection.

With your voice we stand a chance to win and prevent a mobile phone mast being erected in the midst of the highest concentration of schools in London.

Do not forget to let your friends, neighbours and network know about that matter.

bushbabes Wed 24-Nov-10 12:10:30

I am writing to pass the word around. 02 and Vodafone want to put up a mobile phone mast in Bushey on Palmer Avenue, just down the road from Little Reddings Nursery and Primary School.
This area is mainly populated with families with young children and 02 haven't properly looked at the area to find a better site.

Although, research would have us believe that there is no connection between masts and people developing cancers and many other varied illnesses, it does actually recommend that masts are not placed near to vulnerable people and schools.

Children's nervous systems and brains are still developing and exposure to these electromagnetic radio waves is just putting the future generation at unnecessary risks.

We need to convince the mobile phone companies that better sites need to be sought and we need to convince the government to take a precautionary approach with our people.

Please oppose the erection of this mast and contact your local councillors at or Contact the Mayor Contact your local mp James Clappison at

We need to stop this before we find one on every street in the country.

Thank You

horsemadmom Mon 10-Jan-11 23:12:30

So, I presume that you have mobile phones. NIMBY or hypocrite?

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