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Any rock chicks around...?

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Ginga66 Mon 15-Jun-09 16:05:01

I am a new mom with ten week old. Used to go to Edwards and places like that and miss getting gothed up. All my mates have gotten 'old' and just want to have dinner but I would love a rocky night out. Any takers?

Halestones Thu 30-Jul-09 14:45:42

Hey! I am a rock lass and live in Solihull. I'm not a mom yet (currently TTC via IVF, or rather my partner is, I'm in a same sex relationship)
I've gigged at Eddies (one of my claims to fame :D) a few years ago - I used to be in a grunge band.

What kind of music are you into?

Ginga66 Sat 01-Aug-09 23:57:30

Hey, I gigged at Eddies too, still in a band called URGE, check us out at
Very diverse taste but adore rock. Apparently Eddies has reopened...
What is TTC? New to mumsnet acronyms

Halestones Sat 08-Aug-09 22:35:46

Ah, trying to conceive, I'm new here full stop - have come across from the more fluffy fertility forums, may have brought some silly acronyms with me - will have to try and lose them!!
What do you play?
Eddies has reopened?? Bloody hell, shows how often I go out haha.

Halestones Sat 08-Aug-09 22:45:33

Ignore me, you're vocals I take it? Just popped over to myspace - sounds good! Have you been in the band long? I miss playing in a band (I play bass), was in a band for about 4 years, but left 5 years ago now. I did join a cheesy covers band a couple of years ago, but we only gigged once, wasn't really my cup of tea really!

BigHairyLeggedReindeer Sat 02-Jan-10 00:12:00

Is Eddies still in the same building????

kimEbooboo Thu 07-Jan-10 20:24:25

Hi all, Birmingham rock chick 17 weeks pregnant. Yeah Eddies is open but if you have fond memories of the old one be careful if you visit the new (ahem) one. Its on Gough Street. Im also feeling a bit like Im missing the rock scene now Im expecting, not many friends with babies. Would definately be up for meeting other mums & mums2b, sickness allowing ofcourse.

jenjen3 Thu 04-Mar-10 09:24:32

Oh my God I virtually lived at Eddies for about 3 years when I was 17! What years did everybody used to go?

Linziwam Sun 07-Mar-10 18:13:54

Hi all,

I'm a mum with a 15 month old daughter and still manage to frequent eddies (when i have a babysitter of course!)

Try not to feel like you're gonna miss out when you have little ones. Just think that when you do get out to rock n roll you have ten times more fun than you used to cause you dont do it quite as often!

I remember being in (new) Eddies when i was 8 months pregnant at a gig. I had loads of really friendly comments and people were really nice, moving out the way and stuff. you wouldnt get that up broad st huh? and my now daughter had a great time kicking and rolling around! She's now a great little headbanger!

I now run a baby group in bournville called rocka tots. Anyone's welcome to come down and meet us.


TyraG Fri 19-Nov-10 03:02:19

Just checked out rocka tots and it looks like a great group. I may have to take my two next week, they both love music.

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