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Advice on mum + new baby groups - Crouch End/Muswell Hill area

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ladyofmuswell Mon 25-May-09 08:48:19

I've just had my first baby who is now nearly 4 weeks old. I'm just starting to feel confident going out with him on my own and want to try and leave the flat once a day - it'd be nice to combine this with meeting some other mums.

Are there any mum + baby groups for a baby his age in the area that anyone would recommend?

Thanks! smile

oopsagain Mon 25-May-09 09:09:52

Hi, there's a lovely toy library and sing song at crouch end library, and some activities othr mornings too.

There's a big Friday am playgroup at the church on the corner of muswell hill and cranley gardens- but this one is a bit big and noisy for such a new mum and little baby. i always thought my crawling babies would end up as road kill with the toddlers in those big plastic cars! grinRun by Harringey families.

Baby massage at YMCA in hornesy was a highlight of my week- tuesday pm I think. It really was nice.

Does your HV run a post natal group? That was the best thing for me- I didn't end up with nct/ante natal friends but did end up with a good group of women in the post natal group that a couple have ended up good friends.

Err, will think of some more- some of the playgroups are drop ins, some you have to register for a place and then they'll let you know later when one is available.

<just looked at your profile- nosey me...must have bene hard at Uni and pregnant. I presume you are at RVC- I can't imagine anyone preg when I was there, but that was 20yrs ago!>

ladyofmuswell Mon 25-May-09 16:16:20

thanks so much for that oops - especially like the sound of the baby massage.
wow you were at rvc, amazing grin! being preg for exams wasn't that bad but i have to go back for final year when my baby (sammy) will be 10 mo which i am already worrying about sad, oh well!

wobbegong Tue 26-May-09 12:51:31

Congratulations on your new baby!

Suggest that you avoid the general mayhem of toddler groups and seek out things aimed at small babies.

If you are in Muswell Hill, I recommend the Pages Lane Playgroup at the Methodist Church, Pages Lane, Muswell Hill. They split out by ages so your tiny won't get run over by toddlers in plastic cars.

Tiny Talk for babies under 6 months

Campsbourne Childrens Centre also has a group for under 1s, and baby massage.

Campsbourne Childrens Centre

When it comes to Baby Massage, you could try the YMCA as oops suggests, although as it is a drop-in it can get busy. Tuesday 2-3pm. Alternatively, you could try Baby Massage lessons at Yoga Junction, Weston Park (Crouch End):

Yoga Junction timetable

If you want to meet other parents, can I recommend that you join your local NCT group, then you will get invited to teas with other mothers in Muswell Hill. You don't have to be a member of the NCT or to have done an NCT ante-natal class to join the list, though it is nice to support the charity. Just drop an email to your local contact person (who will be a volunteer local mum, not an employee of the charity) and ask to join the list.

NCT Haringey

And if you are going to soon be interested in exercise, then there is Pushy Mothers in Highgate Woods and something similar in Finsbury Park. Also exercise with Kit is good, in Hornsey Vale community centre on Mayfield Road in Crouch End(yes you can take your baby) Thursday 1-2. You probably want to wait for your six week check first though.

There is tons on, don't hesitate to post again if you want pointers.

All the best- it is the best rule in the world to promise that you will leave the house every day! It saved my sanity!

oopsagain Tue 26-May-09 19:55:39

Oh, Campsbourne childrens' centre is new and is very nice grin

And it is a nice walk down through the park for Muswell Hill.

Aranea Tue 26-May-09 20:15:11

For the local NCT co-ordinators write to crouchendnct at - they organise regular coffee get-togethers at people's houses.

I really advise you not to go to playgroups etc with a little baby. It'll feel weird and you will be bored rigid!

How about mother & baby yoga? There's a class in the Hornsey Vale Community Centre on Mayfield Road, with someone called Anna. You can just drop in and it costs £7. As long as it's still running, it's Wednesdays from 1-2pm. Anna's number is 020 8341 6317 if you want to check it's on.

There's also someone called Sarita who does baby massage at the Hornsey Vale centre, but you have to book a course. Her number is 07760 354 877. (got it from bumf I got from health visitors)

I hope you find some nice people to hang out with!

ladyofmuswell Mon 01-Jun-09 14:24:45

thanks so much everyone for your advice - i've been internet-less for several days so only just found these replies - especially like the sound of campsbourne and the baby yoga. thanks again, will have to get out now and try them out grin

Bronty Mon 19-Oct-09 14:20:36

Message withdrawn

elkiedee Thu 22-Oct-09 00:38:22

Wondering about all the deleted messages. Ladyofmuswell, have you found some good places to go?

anthie Mon 21-Dec-09 10:00:44

hi ladyofmuswell, i am new to this forum.
My baby was born in may 09 as well and I will be moving to muswell hill the 19th jan 2010! So i was wondering if u did find something to do with baby sammy there around and if you met other u can give some tips and maybe meet up for coffee!

It will be lovely to meet other mothers with in the area..specially if our babies are moe or less the same age:-)

well for the moment i hope u all are enjoying Christams break and have a lovely start of the year!


NK56763d05X11ebc6beee5 Tue 19-Jan-10 18:00:52

Hi, If you are interested in doing some postnatal exercise and playing with your baby at the same time, as well as meeting other new mothers, you might want to try Julie Tortora's Mother and Baby Class in Crouch End. It's very laid back, great fun and has been very popular for over 20 years now.
You can contact Julie on her email:
and check out her website for details:

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