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Welcome Tameside Mums!

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GooniesNeverSayDie Sat 16-May-09 19:15:32

Hello and Welcome to the Hyde Local Site.

Due to techie issues we've settled on Hyde as the hub for this site. I hope, however, we can cover the whole of the Tameside area. So that's Hyde, Ashton-U-Lyne, Audenshaw, Denton, Droylsden, Dukinfield, Longdendale (including Broadbottom, Mottram and Hollingworth), Mossley and Stalybridge. Think I got that right.

So, whether you're new to the area, like me, or Tameside born and bred. This is a great place to get to know like minded folks, share great local places to visit, ways to keep the kids entertained, your fav' baby class or just have a good old moan.

GooniesNeverSayDie smile

matrioshka Wed 22-Jul-09 19:54:43

Hi GooniesNeverSayDie

I'm a mum of a 2yr old dd. I had a few tedious health problems after she was born. She's coming on really well but doesn't get much chance to meet other children. I work part-time and my dh's mum and dad look after her 3 days a week. I'm trying to track down some good playgroups or toddler groups in godley or denton area and would be really grateful for any tips. I'm also looking longer term for a good childminder in the area.

Any ideas out there?

bilblio Sun 28-Feb-10 21:29:04


Thought I'd best actually comment on this thread rather than just watching it.

I'm in Stalybridge, got a 2yo DD and due to work (2 jobs part time = full time on daft hours) we don't get to go out and meet many other Mums and kids. DP is a SAHD, but doesn't want to go to the mother & toddler groups... and to be honest I don't blame him, but wish he would anyway.

notsotinybaba Fri 05-Mar-10 22:38:27

Bilblio - I live in Stalybridge too with a 14MO DD and DH is a SAHD. DH does go to a couple of baby groups but he is the only bloke. He doesn't seem that bothered about meeting people, but I'm worried that he's going to get bored soon. Maybe we should send them to the same group?!!!!

Does anyone know any good groups in Tameside on a Thursday afternoon? I'm at work full time but have some Thursday afternoons free.

bilblio Sun 07-Mar-10 12:18:37

There's a group at St Paul's church on Huddersfield Road on a Thursday afternoon. I used to go but work every Thursday now. It's quite a big group, all in one room, but the people are quite friendly.

My DP has always been very happy with his own company... we're both the same really, but DD really needs to mix more. She's really boisterous at home and with people she knows, but if we go anywhere vaguely unfamiliar she clings onto us. She usually starts to come out of her shell just as we're getting ready to go... she's so like I was as a kid it's scary!

Which groups does you DH go to? Maybe I can persuade my blokey to go.

notsotinybaba Sun 07-Mar-10 21:25:35

DH goes to play development (st Matthews, was Riverace) 1.30pm on a Monday. Group for 0-3 year old, active play, nice group. It is all women (though I think a bloke might help run it now) but not cliquey.
Rhyme time at the library 2.15pm Wednesday.
We both go to Aquanauts on a Sunday.

I plan to take her to a group Thursday pm (will try St Pauls as thats not far away - what age group is it?)

My DD is the same as your DD - really lively at home but clings onto us when we go anywhere else (and often gets upset/ scared). She started walking a couple of months ago but I'm sure my friends think I've made it up as she barely takes a step when we're out!

bilblio Sun 07-Mar-10 22:16:24

I'd never even heard of play development or aquanauts. I've occasionally been to JoJingles on a Friday at StMatthews, but there's a privately run place in Hadfield which is far far better so we go there instead when we get chance.
I knew about the other swimming group at Copley, but we've never been. All my great intentions go to pot on my days off as I'm either shattered or we have a billion other things to do.

I used to go to Time for a Rhyme on Wednesdays until I changed jobs. I've just told DP about your DH, and he said he might try to start going to Time for a Rhyme. shock I won't hold my breathe though DP is a musician and DD is constantly singing, or making up songs so it'd be good for her to go back.

The Thursday group is for up to nursery age. it's 1pm-3pm. There are some big 3yo's who like riding the scooters and things, but there's lots of little ones too. They have a table for drawing, then singing at the end. I might actually be able to get there this Thursday (unless we're having doors fitted) as I'm on annual leave from one of my jobs. St Paul's is very very close to me too.

clairebearbond Wed 16-Feb-11 06:59:37


I'm pregant at the min and I'm due in may. If anybody has info (for in the future) on good places to go and meet new friends it would be greatly appreciated.
Alot of my friends haven't had kids yet and are still "living it large" lol so to meet people in the same situation as me would be a bonus! (Hyde area)

Thank yoooou! X

bilblio Mon 21-Feb-11 19:12:16

Hi clairebear.
I'm in Stalybridge so don't know much about Hyde. The best thing to do is go into one of the surestart places, they have Loads of info.

I'm pregnant too, but only just, not due until October. I've got a 3yo DD too.

I've offered to be a Tsarina for the Tameside area and put loads on things on here about what's happening. I've not got around to it yet, but hopefully being pregnant will give me a kick to find out what's happening too.

gothmom Sat 26-Feb-11 17:09:23

Hi everyone
I am due with my first 9th March and am desperate to know what is going on in the Hyde area once baby is here. I am fairly new to Tameside and most of my friends live miles away and are definitely not interested in babies. Feel like I've had a pretty lonely pregnancy so on the look out for groups etc I can use to get me (and baby) out of the house after the birth.

mankyscotslass Sat 26-Feb-11 17:14:05

Hi! I live in Danebank Denton, I work part time and have 3 monsters, 8,7 and 5 1/2!

bilblio Sat 26-Feb-11 17:24:48

Ooh people!
gothmom The sure start centres are really good. I started taking my DD to Time for a Rhyme at the libraries too when she was about 6 weeks old. Met loads of Mums some of who I've become really good friends with. They're only about 45 minutes long so they're great for tiny babies when you're tired but just need a change of scenery rather than a full afternoon session. The older kids love them too.
I was a bit lonely during my pregnancy. I didn't know many people round here either but since my daughter arrived I've made friends through the groups we went to.

Also speak to your midwife. I started going to baby massage classes with my DD when she was about 6 weeks old too.

bilblio Sat 26-Feb-11 18:24:20

Okay I've just added all the Time for a Rhyme sessions onto the MN local listings. I'll hunt out some other info I have around the house and add them when I get chance too.
There must be loads of things going on in Tameside so I'll find out what and put them on. Then I've no reason to spend maternity sat at home

gothmom Sat 26-Feb-11 18:38:26

Thank you! I live quite near the Hyde Surestart place. Are they run by the local midwives though -had an unplesent experience with one of them and to avoid her changed to Stepping Hill hospital! Just hope she is not the one that gets sent round the next day eek!
I will have a look at the listings though - Time for a Rhyme sounds like an idea.

bilblio Sat 26-Feb-11 18:53:35

No, the Surestart centres aren't run by midwives. It's children's workers. They run some groups at them but they have lots of information there too.

It will be the local midwives who check on you once you're home. You don't necessarily see them in the hospital, it just depends if they're on duty.
If you're really concerned I'd speak to someone and see if you can request someone else.

anothabubbla Tue 08-Mar-11 20:58:23

Hi, also had bad experiences with midwives from TGH. Don't let them walk all over you or bully you because they are more concerned about their targets than caring for you and your baby. On a better note, there's a lovely playgroup in Denton (on the 201 bus route) called Sunshine Tots. It's at the Methodist Church. My DD was 2 when she went there(now nearly 4) but there were lots of little ones there too. Not too much of a trek from Hyde on the bus, fine if you have a car.
Hyde Library is v nice and child friendly with loads of stuff on.

mollyrose09 Thu 07-Apr-11 04:13:21

hi my name is rebecca i have a 1 year old daughter and i live in hyde and i would like to get to know some other mums so i can get out of the house wihth my daugther. i would like to go to play groups ect so my daughter can make new friends. i have been to play groups and the other mums have there only little groups and i feel a bit left out.


oggs26 Sat 23-Apr-11 19:46:23

im in denton and my little girl is 9 months. id be willing to meet up for a chat!

andreafaulkner Mon 30-May-11 14:46:05

Hi all

I have a 2 month old baby and have only just started getting out and about and mixing in the world of babies and mums. I have to say living in Hyde there isn't much going on. The rhyme time at the library is a good start, but forget about the Surestart centres, due to 'the cuts' they have no funding for any classes. There is a group which i found through 'Netmums Hyde Meets' which have meet ups now and again. If you have a car and can get further afield I would recommend Jo Jingles, Baby Massage with a lady called Maria,, Swimming, Wally Walrus,, baby cinema at the Trafford Centre, tuesday mornings.

I have to say I've only been making the effort this past couple of weeks and ive met some really lovely people, so it is worth it.

More mums should get together on here and make a meet up happen, its all too easy to wait for someone else to start something, im up for it if you are!!!


bilblio Mon 30-May-11 22:22:37

Hi all, the local NCT group covers Tameside, Rochdale and Oldham, it's a huge area to cover so there's rarely things happening in Tameside, they do have a regular coffee morning at ikea on a Tuesday though.
Also depending on your postcode a lot of Tameside parents get put under the Glossop branch which isn't ideal for those without transport either.

There's talk at the moment of Tameside splitting off and forming their own branch, but for it to happen we need more volunteers. If anyone could help, or even if you'd just like to know more and see more local NCT stuff happening, either get in contact with me, or contact the local branch direct through their website.

whyme2 Sun 19-Jun-11 08:41:22

Hi everyone,

I live in Hyde and have four dcs. There are quite a few mums n tots groups around. The best info about these is actually on <whispers> the netmums website.

There is hyde town centre on a Monday at the Methodist church near Iceland, Tuesday at St george's church, on Wed we go to the group in St john's church, Godley, there is one at the Baptist church on Thursday morning in Hyde next to the library and Friday is our day off grin There are others but these are just those that we have actually been to.

disclaimer - we do not go to all these every week. But when we first moved to Hyde I had a newborn and 20 month old and needed to go for my sanity so we went to two or three a week. Now 3 out of my 4 are in school and I only have a two year old at home so we tend to be a bit more flexible.

I would also recommend Hyde library on Union st. They do have some good activities. This Friday (25th June) is the bedtime story hour which is really nice, a few stories, choose a book and drink and biscuit. Starts at 6:30 I think but do check please.

I am also open to meeting up with any mums for a brew and chat. I am free most of the time (well between doing three school runs a day, doctors appts, cleaning, laundry, cooking hmm

lexxity Sat 25-Jun-11 09:17:09

Hi all,

I'm in Mottram. Mum to 2 DS. Eldest is 5 and at school youngest is 6.5months. (Born in the height of the dreadful weather last winter, I was the stuck at home mum on the news! grin blush )

I've been told about time for a rhyme at Mottam Library on a monday at 1:15pm and one day I'll get off my bum and walk down there!

I do baby massage on a tuesday at 10:20 at Hattersley Baby Clinic. Mums from Hattersley and the Longdendale area go, it's a lovely group and I highly recommend it. I go most weeks. It's non-judgemental and full of lots of experiences, rather than "advice".

I'd be interested in more Tameside NCT stuff. It being in Glossop put me off joining as I couldn't be bothered fighting the traffic down there!

gforgiraffe Sat 25-Jun-11 21:52:09

Hi everyone, I have 3 DC's, 4.11, 2.10 and 7months.
We currently go to Stay & play at Longendale Childrens centre and a meet-up on wednesday with some other mums in Glossop. It would be great if we could try to go to other events going on in the local area (we have transport). Would also love to meet up with other mums for a brew & a chat !!

tink2103 Thu 07-Jul-11 13:50:54

Hi everyone, I'm also in Hyde with 2 children aged 7 and 2 and I'm pregnant with my third, when I was on maternity leave with my daughter I met loads of lovely mums through the Tameside Mums facebook group, most of them are back at work now though so will need some new Mummy friends for when I finish work this time xx

mummyofchloe Wed 16-Nov-11 15:54:11

Hello, I've been in Tameside about 14 months, started off in Hyde, then moved to Dukinfield, and I've got a daughter who was 1 yesterday (no prizes for guessing her name!) None of my friends have babies or live locally, and I want to get out and do some more Mummy-Babba activities, especially since I've just been diagnosed with depression. Would love to meet some other mummys and babies, at baby groups or just for a brew brew smile

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