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Italian for babies...?

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Mris Tue 28-Apr-09 21:35:27

Anyone know any activities for babies that could help with learning Italian? My husband is half Italian and I am keen to try and do the bilingual thing but he isn't into the idea of him talking to her only in Italian. Any help gratefully received!

jkklpu Tue 28-Apr-09 21:40:31

I'd have thought that the only way to help her be truly bilingual is for your dh to speak to her exclusively in Italian. Activities and occasional visits to grandparents are lovely, but nothing like the continuous exposure to the other language.

monkeysmama Wed 29-Apr-09 17:27:23

My dd (11 months) is being raised to be bilingual (I only speak to her in Italian). It is worth having a look on the language pages here but tbh without your dh speaking to him in Italian I fear it will be hard.

In bocca al lupo wink

Valentina15 Thu 07-May-09 22:37:16

I am Italian myself and I am trying to speak exclusively Italian to my DD - it isn't easy but the only way she will be truly bilingual. I was also looking for activities in Italian, but there is nothing I am afraid, only Spanish.
Maybe we could have an Italian playgroup in Greenwich! I know one other Italian girl with a daughter local to me, but that's it really. It would be lovely, but I don't think there are enought Italians round here,

monkeysmama Tue 12-May-09 16:20:35


I would be up for an Italian group even if there are only a few of us.... My dd only has me and a few family members we hardly ever see speaking to her in Italian (apart from our trips back to Italy) and to meet other billingual kids would be great.


Mris Tue 19-May-09 13:11:56

me too, and I know a couple of others who would be keen, I dont know Italian myself but would be happy to host something!

Mris Thu 28-May-09 12:00:25

Hi there, monkeysmama and Valentina 15 are you still interested in this at all?

SilviaPavoni Fri 29-May-09 13:31:13

Hello, I love the idea of an Italian baby club! I speak Italian to my 7 month old son (less now that I'm back to work) and I'd love to meet other Italian, or Italian-loving, mothers in the area. We live in Blackheath.

Also, I'm looking for an Italian nanny, for 2 or 3 days per week. Do you have anybody to reccomend?

monkeysmama Mon 01-Jun-09 08:44:19

Sorry, haven't checked this thread for a week or so. I'm still interested! No suggestions re nanny, if you find one please let me know!

SilviaP Mon 01-Jun-09 13:14:58

Were you all thinking of meeting up during the week or would you also consider weekend meetings?

monkeysmama Mon 01-Jun-09 14:08:49

Week days are usually better for me but could do Saturday morning if it'd suit you. Anyone else?

Mris Wed 03-Jun-09 07:13:20

week days are definitely better for me, is this impossible fo you Silviap? I know one/two more Italian speakers and one other italian lover who would be interested. can i suggest that we swap email addresses as might be easier thancoming on to check thread all time x

SilviaP Fri 05-Jun-09 13:08:12

Week days aren't good for me as I work full time...although I might start working from home once per week soon. I'll be in touch if I see I manage to sneak out for a break. Ciao for now,

NKffffffffe749edcfX11d6d7397af Mon 06-Jul-09 05:21:07

Hi, I've just come across this thread...I'm not Italian but I used to be fluent. I'd be interested in joining a group like this to keep up my language skills. Has something been set up?

monkeysmama Sun 19-Jul-09 20:50:32

Ciao *NKffffffffe749edcfX11d6d7397af *

No, we haven't organised anything. I am keen to get soemthing set up if anyone else is still interested. My LO is 14 months now and speaking more Italian than English (we.. only individual words but hey, she's only small!)

Please let me know if you / anyone else is interested and maybe send me an email contact and I'm happy to organise.

Mris Sat 05-Sep-09 21:00:58

Hi all! My email is, I would be really interested in doing this. My husband (who is half Italian) is going to be looking after our 7 month old at home on Fridays (I will also be working at home on that day). We are happy to host something here (we live in Eltham) or go somewhere else. Fridays or Saturdays would be best for us. Very keen to set this up. Also thought we could do things like share Italian rhyme cds etc, just bought a couple and they are pricey!! Please do email me as keep forgetting to check the thread!


Mris Sun 06-Sep-09 11:44:39

Hi there,

I've decided that, since I'm really keen to do this, I'm going to take the initiative!

So, from Friday 9th October my husband, Richard, and our 7 month old are going to be singing along to Italian songs for half an hour at 3.00 if anyone wants to come and join in! As babies get older we'll progress to things like stories, colours, numbers etc.

It's going to be very amateur but will hopefully get our little one used to the language and to having fun with it.

I will be working from home on that day so I will be in the house, just out of the way!

I'd love it if anyone wanted to join in and if anyone has any more suggestions about what we could do with the babies in this time. If you're up for it then email me at and I'll email you back with our address and phone number.

I feel quite excited now I've made a plan!!!

Mary xx

Valentina15 Mon 21-Sep-09 22:45:12

Hi Mary,
just sent you an email, apologies to you all for not checking this thread in a long time, but I am def interested in an italian playgroup and I am up for the 9th Mary, count me in! Next time we could do it at mine?


Mris Tue 06-Oct-09 14:08:28

Looking forward to seeing you Valentina!

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