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Going on Holiday to Frome St Quintin - ideas of what to do in the area?

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 27-Apr-09 11:42:26

We've hired a cottage in Frome St Quintin from 9 May for a week. Any suggestions on where to go - we have a 20 month old - and where to eat? TIA

epithet Mon 27-Apr-09 11:52:33

Farmer Palmers (en route to Poole) always a big hit with the little ones.

Also the children's farm at Abbotsbury/Swannery/Sub-tropical Gardens (you can get a ticket to cover all three).

Maybe not so great with a 20 m.o., but afternoon tea at the Summer Lodge up the road in Evershot is divine.

Some nice cafes in Dorchester, paddling pool in the park on fine days.

Hive Beach Cafe in Burton Bradstock great for food and a walk along the beach.

Lyme Regis for tasteful beach day out or Weymouth if you fancy donkeys and fairground rides.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 27-Apr-09 12:12:46

Thank you so much epithet. I think you've given us enough suggestions to fill our week. If you're ever coming to London and need suggestions of where to go, please let me know.

epithet Mon 27-Apr-09 12:15:52

Will do smile.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 27-Apr-09 13:26:38

Hi epithet

Me again. Just wondering if I could pick your brains again. It's my mum's 80th birthday at end of May - which she's dreading - and we're hoping to take her away for a long weekend to a cottage, preferably with a sea view. All the cottages I've found so far have only been available for a week at at time. Would you have any suggestions by any chance? TIA

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 27-Apr-09 13:45:02

As it is half term then I think you will be lucky to find one for only a few days, however these are local to me and may be able to help you.

epithet Mon 27-Apr-09 13:47:24

These people will do shorter term lettings but they hang on for weeklies until the last minute - I think most of the cottage people do this.

I did manage to rent one over the May Bank Holiday once, but had to wait until the week before to make the booking iirc. Which is a bit nerveracking!

Bookings for summer are well up on last year (credit crunch isn't hurting everyone, it seems), so the cottage people can probably call the shots atm, I'm afraid.

Best of luck anyway smile.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 27-Apr-09 15:22:51

Thanks very much epithet. I wonder if we'll have to just get something for the week as I don't want to leave it even later and not get anything.

I think that because of the credit crunch more people are staying in the UK.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Tue 28-Apr-09 13:16:03

Hooray - we've booked a house in Overcliff, Bournemouth for my mum's b'day. So relieved. Don't want to have to look at another holiday website for a long time. Thanks for your suggestions.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Wed 10-Jun-09 14:44:09

Hi epithet - just wanted to say we had a great time in Dorset. We went to the animal farm in Abbotsbury which was a great hit with our dd and also spent a rainy day in Dorchester where the museum was really interesting. Thanks for your suggestions.

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