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New to Aberdeen

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swakefield Sun 26-Apr-09 12:20:10

Hi, I have recently returned to Aberdeen from Singapore with my 19 month old daughter. I would love to start getting out and about and meet up with other mum's. Does any one fancy meeting up for a coffee or know of any groups?

Medee Sun 03-May-09 17:26:17

Hi Swakefield and welcome back. I'm in Aberdeen, but hanging about waiting to start TTC.

Sillyness Tue 29-Jun-10 21:47:06

Hi, I'm mving to Aberdeen at the beginning of August and would love some groups to join...or coffee mornings. I'm 8weeks pregnant with my first!

MissRoKPT Sat 30-Jul-11 14:32:54

Hi mums,

My name is Karen and I run RoK Personal Training Consultancy. I've recently joined up with BEST Bootcamps to start my own sessions here in Aberdeen smile
At present I run a fitness bootcamp at Westburn Park every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening 18:45-19:30pm. However, I am keen to start more camps and would really like to help the mums in the local area. I'm considering starting one maybe mid-morning time a couple of days during the week, possibly once the kids have been dropped at school in the morning? and would love to hear if anyone here would be interested or has any other ideas or suggestions.
Of course, the Westburn park camp is always open to new campers, and there is a constant flow of new people coming along to see how much fun we have and experience the results my bootcamp can provide those willing to work. All fitness (or lack of fitness) levels are welcome, and the sessions are based around working at yr own personal fitness level so there is no need to be nervous. Everyone is very friendly and I am always there to provide support smile
If you are interested then please get in touch and Ill tell you more about what we do, or check out the photos on my Fbook page.......
or contact me via here also.....!/event.php?eid=208807119155411

Get yr friends together and decide its time to get the help of an experienced and understanding personal trainer. There are no limits in what you may actually achieve as long as you are willing to make sensible changes to your lifestyle.

Thanks for yr time everyone, I hope to be helping some of you out very soon.

Lets RoK,

Karen Ross
RoK Personal Training and BEST Bootcamp Instructor

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