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Strangely fun afternoon at Carnon Downs Garden Centre

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Cathpot Fri 17-Apr-09 22:58:34

I am sure I am just the last person to realise this but manage to kill 2 hours today at the Carnon Down's Garden Centre with a 2 year old and a 4 year old, with no stress.

They have a huge number of high quality fish tanks packed with fish and coral and the rest, so we looked at that. Then we tested all the swing chairs. Then we bought some plants, put them in the car. Then we came back in had a drink and a snack at the cafe. Then we went out to the pots section and stroked all the ceramic animals.Then we came in and revisited the fish. Then we went home.

I am aware that much of this may be down to novelty but it's not a bad place to go if you need some last minute time waster and its much cheaper than going to the aquarium.

Carnon Downs GC will probably not thank me if it becomes a place of pilgrimage for the under 5s of course.

TooYoungToBeOld Sat 18-Apr-09 00:00:38

Haven't been to Carnon Down's garden Centre, but I have taken DS 3.7 to various ones before. He always loves any animals and fish they have and even the wandering round browsing. Garden centres sell EVERYTHING!!

And always topped off with a trip to the cafe and a ride on a plastic machine if they have one grin

Pet shops i find are a similar good time waster. Look at all the animals and maybe choose a toy for the dogs if i'm in a generous mood!

casbie Tue 28-Apr-09 21:54:11

love carnon downs garden centre - loads to look at... next time you go say 'hello' to the rabbits and ginea pigs and take a stroll around the outdoor greenhouses. can waste a whole afternoon daydreaming!

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