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Where is all the stuff I need?

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noiwont Tue 14-Apr-09 09:15:27

I have just moved from Harborne to Solihull but I need help - where is all the stuff I need for DS aged not quite 3? I'm thinking about playgrounds, places to feed the ducks, a good park for bike riding. My new neighbours are very friendly but c30 years older than us and have no idea - and I don't know where to start with all of this. We are right in Solihull town centre but have transport. Any ideas/help would be gratefully received. Thank you!

Jeffa Sun 19-Apr-09 21:57:19

ooh you're like me I moved between Solihull and Quinton.
There is a large park, Brueton and Malvern, which is near St Alphage church. It has duck pond, two playgrounds (one near St Alphage enterence and one near car park on Warwick Rd) and lots of paths for bike riding. There is also Tudor Grange Park which is near the back enterence of Touchwood, opposite side of the road to Touchwood carpark.
The library does a storytime, we used to go on Wednesday afternoons, but not sure what times it is still (we went 4 years ago).
The nearest soft plays is a Wacky Warehouse in Earlswood (That is closest i can think of). There is a swimming pool at Tudor Grange leisure centre, and they do an afternoon gym thing in one of the halls with bouncy castles, ride on toys, slides etc. (Again, was there 4 years ago!)
We used to go to Tumble tots in Bentley Heath church hall.


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