Recommendations please for nurseries in East Kilbride / Blantyre Area

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Teensy Sun 05-Apr-09 20:33:36


I work at the Hamilton Technology Park and I am looking for a part time place at a nursery for my 8 month old in July. Needs to be close to work in either East Kilbride Blantyre or even Hamilton. I have been to see Cosmic Cherubs, the Barnehage and Oaklands and like them all, but I was wondering if anyone currently uses any of these and could recommend one??


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RipMacWinkle Sun 05-Apr-09 20:50:12

Sorry I don't know anything about those particular nurseries. But a friend did recommend that I read the most recent Care Commision reports before I signed up to a nursery. Am sure there was one we had been looking at that wasn't getting very good reports at the time. That did sway me a little.

Good luck!!

Care Commision website

Teensy Sun 05-Apr-09 21:06:47

Thanks for your help. I have looked at the Reports for two of the nurseries (one hasnt had one done yet), but I would really like a recommendation from someone who has used them?? Just for peace of mind!!! I am not sure how much weight to give the reports..

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Teensy Sun 05-Apr-09 21:07:31

Hi you use a different nursery in the area??

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RipMacWinkle Sun 05-Apr-09 21:15:00

Yes I do but it's really at the other end of East Kilbride from you (Kirktonholme) so I'm not sure you'd want to drive there and back. Unless you already live up that way and would be driving past to and from work?

A friend recommended Little Lambs nursery to me (Blantyre somewhere) - would that be better for you location wise?

Teensy Sun 05-Apr-09 21:25:09

Hi.. I live in Muirend, so I could go that way to work. What do you think of it?? My friend has signed up to use the Newton Mearns Kirktonholme (same company) but that is a bit out of my way.
Would be good to hear your opinion of it?


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Teensy Sun 05-Apr-09 21:30:49

..oh and I had been recommended Little Lambs too, but unfortunately it has closed now...

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Teensy Mon 06-Apr-09 22:14:48

hey ripmacwinkle...are you still there??

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Blottedcopybook Thu 16-Apr-09 15:25:45

Teensy - sorry, I just saw your message. I have heard rave reviews of Kirktonholme nursery from loads of local parents and Kirriemuir has also been very well spoken of. My eldest went to another Careshare nursery and I think they're extremely professional, dedicated and I'd be happy to leave my kids there so that's another vote for Oaklands!

My youngest DCs go to TechnoTots in the EK technology park and I love it. Their daily fees are quite a bit cheaper than the other nurseries because they ask you to provide your children's lunches - I love this because I know exactly what DCs are having to eat - and it's a lovely environment for the children. What sold it to me was they have their own garden and their own soft play room!

DS2 went to Glenburn nursery for a very short period, I actually pulled him out one day when I went to collect him and found that he and four other babies had been left with one 16 year old work placement girl. This was the day after I'd had an argument with them because his vest was stinking (he'd obviously peed through his nappy and they'd left the same vest on him instead of changing it).

Hope that helps!

midnightexpress Thu 16-Apr-09 15:45:58

My two also went to another Careshare nursery (Heritage House in Pollokshields) until we moved last year, and I liked it much better than where they are now. The staff were absolutely great. The deputy from there was lovely and I think she went to be the manager in EK.

Blottedcopybook Thu 16-Apr-09 16:25:39

Midnightexpress How weird - that was the Careshare my eldest DS went to as well! He is now in P3 though and all the staff were changing just as he left. It's a fabulous nursery isn't it?

midnightexpress Thu 16-Apr-09 17:27:53

Oh it's great - I really miss Sadie and Ellen! DS1 in particular loved it there - he has never settled quite so well at his new nursery. If it wasn't such a schlep from here I'd send them back in a flash.

Blottedcopybook Thu 16-Apr-09 19:11:19

Was Tony still there when your DCs went? He was an absolute superstar, my DS absolutely adored him

midnightexpress Thu 16-Apr-09 19:17:26

No, there was only one man, called Chris iirc. I didn't know his name for ages, and when I asked DS1 the name of 'the man in Toddlers' he told me it was 'toddler man' hmm
In his defence, he was only about 2 at the time.

Sorry, Teensy, we've hijacked this thread with a nostalgia-fest haven't we?

Teensy Sat 18-Apr-09 19:09:34

Ha ha!! No it was quite funny seeing your chat!! I actually went to see Heritage House a while ago as it was fairly near where I used to live. It is a lovely nursery. Well I have made a decision anyway, I am going with the Barnehage as it really is a lovely new nursery and right next door to my office so ticks all my boxes. Techno Tots looks fab though! Thanks for help!!

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amandamacg Sat 02-May-09 11:20:36


My daughter attended technotots when she was 1 and i have to admit i pulled her out after a few months...i remember her coming home in a t-shirt (not hers, despite my putting a change of clothes in bag) which was for child of 3-6 months (she was about 18 months old at the time, and the average size of an 18 month old!). They never seemed to have a space for her stuff and a i argued with staff member over their attitude (she was extremely vocal ("what on earth has that mother of your's got you dressed in...we'll just be getting you out of that!!") that i had dressed my child in tights in warm weather when it wasn't warm, rain was forecast and there were a change of socks in bag anyway. Maybe better now, hope you find somewhere, its hard because you just want the best for your child.

button2015 Wed 30-May-18 11:35:33


I was hoping someone could help, we are moving to East kilbride, Stewartfield and looking for a nursery for a 12 month and 3 year old. I have looked at busy bees and kirktonholme but have got mixed reports from others and inspectorate. Can anyone help?!

Many thanks!!!

NearWildHeaven Wed 06-Jun-18 21:00:10

I've used one of the ones you mentioned for years and been happy. Ultimately I think you need to visit yourself and get to meet the staff and work out what / where you are comfortable. You can't get the vibe and atmosphere from a report. Good luck with wherever you go with!

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