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Anyone want to come to a Haringey mumsnet meet up?

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elkiedee Mon 16-Mar-09 12:19:46

I thought I'd start a new thread in this topic for arranging any meet ups, we've had some discussion under "Crouch End mums to be" but I thought it might be helpful to start a more specific thread.

daisydoggirl Fri 26-Jun-09 22:17:13

HI there

I'd be interested in a meetup!

I have a toddler and am expecting another in October.


sleeepless Sun 12-Jul-09 12:08:25

Hi, I'd be interested too. I have a 2 year old and am expecting number 2 in Jan. We won't be around till 1st week of August so let me know if anyone still fancies meeting then. We're moving back to the area after just over a year (long story!) so it would be great to meet some other local mums

Thandeka Sun 12-Jul-09 12:13:31

count me in too. not a mum yet- due feb 2010 but keen to make friends with people who can tell the head from a tail on a baby.

I'm joking i think- i know babies don't have tails

elkiedee Tue 14-Jul-09 09:44:58

Hi all three of you - I've just seen that anyone had responded - I'd be happy to organise a meet up some time in August or after. Are any of you working at the moment? Weekday/weekend? I'm on maternity leave with my second until late October/early November.

sleeepless Tue 14-Jul-09 19:37:58

I'll be free any day - not working at the moment. Look forward to meeting some of you soon

Thandeka Wed 15-Jul-09 11:53:09

I'm also free anyday (teacher) and not allowed to work til end of term coz of swine flu and being pregnant
So any day in August is fine with me.

elkiedee Tue 11-Aug-09 09:49:52

Hi, Sleeepless, have you moved back to this area yet? Is anyone else around? Wondering if anyone wanted to meet up some time this month?

jezz09 Wed 19-Aug-09 19:58:39

Hello all, Im 27 and have 3 children, am new on the site and looking for a local meetup so if its ok with you guys and im not too late count me in please? grin

elkiedee Wed 19-Aug-09 21:20:23

Hi and welcome Jezz, don't know where everyone else has got to, but would love to have a meet up if others who said they were interested still are. To get some idea for planning meet ups, how old are your kids and which area are you in?

Irish29 Thu 03-Sep-09 13:13:06

Hello all, not a newbie but haven't been on the site for ages. I have two DD's, one is almost 23 months and the other is one week! I've met elkie before when I had my first DD. Would love to meet more Mums and Mums to be!

I'm in Finsbury Park so Finsbury Park and Crouch End is good for me if it suits anyone else?

elkiedee Thu 03-Sep-09 20:10:47

Hi Irish, congratulations on your new daughter. I don't recognise your MN name though I have met a local MN person with two daughters of about those ages!

Irish29 Thu 03-Sep-09 22:19:55

Hi elkie, thanks very much! I used to go by the name Lucy10. My first DD is Isabel if that rings any bells??

elkiedee Thu 03-Sep-09 22:44:14

Yes, I thought you might be you, as it were, I just couldn't remember your old posting name either.

ptitemaud Mon 19-Oct-09 11:03:37

i just read your thread
i hope it is not too late to join in
i am pregnant and my son is 17months old
i live in crouch
are you still meeting up?

jo69 Tue 20-Oct-09 21:14:47

I second that ptitemaud. I have a 2 year old and now a new arrival of 5 months. I live in Crouch end and would be interested in meeting up.

elkiedee Thu 22-Oct-09 00:34:14

Hi to both new posters

We haven't managed to arrange a meet up recently and I'm about to go back to work, but will probably be taking a day a week off for the next few months, and we could have a go at fixing something up for some time in November.

I go to a Monday afternoon group near Turnpike Lane which is quite good, I think, for bringing both toddlers and babies, as there are two rooms and quite a range of toys. Newbies are always welcome.

ptitemaud Thu 29-Oct-09 14:00:26

hi elkiedee
thanks for the answer, do you have the address of that Monday afternoon group
would love to give it a try

elkiedee Thu 29-Oct-09 15:45:53

Jolly Babies is at the Burghley Road Under 5s Centre off Turnpike Lane (the street) from 1.30 to 4.30. We charge £1.50 per family mainly to cover the rent, and also offer tea/coffee/biscuits and fruit (no further charge).

I'm now back at work and can't do next Monday as I'm taking a day off a week but next week's will be Friday, but may see you there some time?

Thandeka Tue 05-Jan-10 07:27:11

Oooh that group sounds good. Am also bumping this to see if anyone is still up for a meet.

silvia81 Thu 07-Jan-10 16:07:04

i'm interested too - my baby's 5 weeks

Jojobil Sun 17-Jan-10 11:34:52

Are there any pregnant mums in Crouch ENd interested in a meet up? I am only 16 weeks now and have a 5 year old at Rokesly

Jojobil Sun 17-Jan-10 11:38:45

Anna is really good, she does classes in Crouch End

ButtoNosedSausage Tue 13-Apr-10 12:27:32


Febbaby Wed 21-Apr-10 15:32:37

Hi I would definately be up for meeting up. I have a 10 week year old.

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