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I'ts all gone a bit quiet here.......

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Flier Wed 11-Mar-09 17:23:26

Come and say hello smile.
Let's see how many people will admit to living in this neck of the woods. grin

Wallace Fri 27-Mar-09 15:36:48

OOh FM, you'll have to tell me where grin

It is so nice to find out about the old ruins we always visited on family walks as kids.

Twinklemegan Thu 26-Mar-09 23:03:42

Thanks for taking the time to find it FM! You're right about the link. I'll definitely look into that now - I bet loads of people give up. In hindsight I should've just told you to Google it - much quicker to find it that way. smile

FairMidden Thu 26-Mar-09 22:53:12

Ooooh TM I meant to say, it's brilliant!

DP and I were out for a walk yesterday and came across somewhere really cool and found it on the archive afterwards . It was also reassuring to find a document saying it was unlikely to be developed for access purposes, because it's such a tranquil spot (and we don't want to share it with a million tourists blush).

It took me a loooong time to find it via the Council site though though - they should definitely give you a link from the homepage.

Twinklemegan Thu 26-Mar-09 22:42:33

Hey, thanks for looking at it Wallace! I'm pretty pleased with it although I'm very conscious of how much work still needs to be done to almost every record on there. Still, it'll keep me in a job until I retire. grin

So that's what they were on about Flier. I wasn't quite sure how the "bear" came up in conversation!

Wallace Thu 26-Mar-09 21:03:31

Too true - it is all just a phase grin

That giant squirrel is freaky, I agree...

TM - I am really enjoying "your" website and we are planning lots of family walks!

FairMidden Thu 26-Mar-09 19:19:18

I can see their point though Flier - even as a proper grown-up I find the thought of an 8ft fun-fur squirrel mildly alarming. And kids aren't daft - given its size, a bear is far more plausible wink

Twinkle I really didn't think you were preoccupied - there have been times DS has been a real cling-on and I have felt like taking him somewhere far away and tying him to a tree for five minutes to get a bit of space blush grin. I can definitely verify your DS's eventual love of the ball pool though grin

I feel bad with groups of mums because when he's like he was yesterday I spend so much time dashing off mid-conversation to retrieve him from battering someone else's child/stealing food/investigating places he ought not to be, I feel really rude.

The conclusion we can probably draw from this is it's [always] just a phase grin

Flier Thu 26-Mar-09 17:24:53

I know! it was a first, I can tell you that smile
Altho was funny when dd and TMs DS were discussing the bear coming out (I thought it was a squirrel?) anyway they were both terrified at the thought of it coming out like it did the last time dd was there smilehmm

Wallace Thu 26-Mar-09 16:50:45

isn't left out I mean blush

Flier - hardly saw your dd she was off playing so much grin

Flier Thu 26-Mar-09 16:14:02

TM I didn't think anything of it, we all have days like that, in fact I was surprised that dd wasn't at all clingy, she normally is at toddlers and we go every week!

Wallace Thu 26-Mar-09 15:20:26

It's okay, they all have days like that, TM

I have the opposite problem, spend half my time tearing after ds blush

Pink is also my ds's favourite colour, so I'm sure they will soon be firm friends, bonding over the pretty shoes grin

Birthday meet up would be fab, Flier's dd can have an extra birthday on the 26th so she is left out

Twinklemegan Thu 26-Mar-09 11:05:09

I definitely owe cups of tea as well. I'm sorry I might have seemed preoccupied with DS blush. It's so frustrating when he clings to me like that and won't play.

Mind you, FM will verify that I had real trouble dragging him out of the ball pool in the end! And he wouldn't put his shoes on - he wanted to wear the "beautiful" (pink) shoes in another pigeonhole. grin

I'd love a birthday meetup. Maybe we'll even get good weather...

FairMidden Wed 25-Mar-09 19:10:04

Yes, we both had a lovely time. We will have to try and get together again sometime and I'll have to try and work on my punctuality blush

Wallace Wed 25-Mar-09 19:09:46

We had a lovely time

Ds fell asleep on the sofa after we got back he was so exhausted (doesn't usually nap!)

Sorry I left without buying you all a cup of tea in return - my round next time grin

Flier Wed 25-Mar-09 15:43:53

It was lovely to meet you all yesterday, look forward to the birthday meet smile

Wallace Tue 24-Mar-09 06:36:51

Thanks FM All is saved I'm taking dh's old jeep

FairMidden Mon 23-Mar-09 19:15:15

Not sure if I will be of help but I have emailed you Wallace

Wallace Mon 23-Mar-09 18:06:45

My bloody car has just broken down (yes dh did just fix it) I am so Dh thinks it is dead, I am just gutted

FairMidden Mon 23-Mar-09 08:30:10

Hmm yes, think we'll pack the waterproofs!

Wallace Mon 23-Mar-09 06:29:46

I'll be there too. Although the weather isn't quite sogood for the playpark bit now!

Twinklemegan Sun 22-Mar-09 23:30:25

I'll be there with DS. smile

FairMidden Sun 22-Mar-09 10:23:21

That's good with me

Flier Sun 22-Mar-09 09:20:08

So, see you all at the playpark around 11.30?

Twinklemegan Wed 18-Mar-09 22:13:09

I'm free on Tuesday. Will book my leave tomorrow - well earned after today I think. smile

I like the suggestion of meeting at the playpark and then having lunch and play in the Funhouse. I think you said the playpark's better for the older DCs Wallace, so DS would enjoy some time in the Funhouse too I think. 11.30 is fine by me.

Wallace Wed 18-Mar-09 17:35:23

Yes it is at the Hilton. At the roundabout at the Hilton instead of turning right to the fun house, go straight on and then follow road round corner to left. Playpark is on your right. Is a small amount of parking there, but is just as easy to park at Fun house and walk round.

Flier Wed 18-Mar-09 13:38:50

Thanks for phoning them, FM.
If we could meet for 11.30ish, then that would be do-able for me, would let DD then have an hour or so ish in the fun house before we have to head home, plenty of time.

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