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I'ts all gone a bit quiet here.......

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Flier Wed 11-Mar-09 17:23:26

Come and say hello smile.
Let's see how many people will admit to living in this neck of the woods. grin

Flier Tue 17-Mar-09 07:55:58

Tue 24th fine by me

Wallace Tue 17-Mar-09 20:18:15

Tues is good for me. Fun House not open til 12 I think.

Playpark at Coylumbridge (almost next to fun house) is great too if the weather is nice.

FairMidden Tue 17-Mar-09 20:48:37

Well what about meeting after lunch then? Or is that difficult for those with school age DC?

Wallace Tue 17-Mar-09 21:02:47

After lunch (1 ish) would be fine. I have to be back for 2.30 but only live about 15 mins away.

Of course, dh has to fix my car first...

Flier Tue 17-Mar-09 21:13:53

1pm is a bit tooo late morning for me smile
I have to be back to the black isle for 3pm...

Wallace Tue 17-Mar-09 21:26:22

Meet late morning but at the playpark, then in for lunch and play?

Wallace Tue 17-Mar-09 21:28:32

Website sayss Fun House open at 10, but would have to check.

Flier Tue 17-Mar-09 21:29:25

thats do-able for me, but if otherwise suits the majority of you then I'll wait for the next one smile
am off to bed early, will check back tomorrow x

FairMidden Tue 17-Mar-09 22:07:30

Well I can manage whatever - we won't get there before 11 but that's no problem, you can start without me and if you all look too scary en masse DS and I will run away before we're spotted grin

I'll call the Fun House tomorrow and see what time they're open

Twinklemegan Tue 17-Mar-09 22:14:45

Oops - forgot to check my work diary blush. Will let you know tomorrow if I can make it.

FairMidden Wed 18-Mar-09 13:26:02

Right, I called the FunHouse and they don't open until 12 on Tuesday. Is that too late for you Flier? We could meet at half 11ish and let the DC have a while in the playpark and in the meantime hope fervently for good weather.

Wallace, is the park you mention part of the Hilton or is it somewhere else?

Flier Wed 18-Mar-09 13:38:50

Thanks for phoning them, FM.
If we could meet for 11.30ish, then that would be do-able for me, would let DD then have an hour or so ish in the fun house before we have to head home, plenty of time.

Wallace Wed 18-Mar-09 17:35:23

Yes it is at the Hilton. At the roundabout at the Hilton instead of turning right to the fun house, go straight on and then follow road round corner to left. Playpark is on your right. Is a small amount of parking there, but is just as easy to park at Fun house and walk round.

Twinklemegan Wed 18-Mar-09 22:13:09

I'm free on Tuesday. Will book my leave tomorrow - well earned after today I think. smile

I like the suggestion of meeting at the playpark and then having lunch and play in the Funhouse. I think you said the playpark's better for the older DCs Wallace, so DS would enjoy some time in the Funhouse too I think. 11.30 is fine by me.

Flier Sun 22-Mar-09 09:20:08

So, see you all at the playpark around 11.30?

FairMidden Sun 22-Mar-09 10:23:21

That's good with me

Twinklemegan Sun 22-Mar-09 23:30:25

I'll be there with DS. smile

Wallace Mon 23-Mar-09 06:29:46

I'll be there too. Although the weather isn't quite sogood for the playpark bit now!

FairMidden Mon 23-Mar-09 08:30:10

Hmm yes, think we'll pack the waterproofs!

Wallace Mon 23-Mar-09 18:06:45

My bloody car has just broken down (yes dh did just fix it) I am so Dh thinks it is dead, I am just gutted

FairMidden Mon 23-Mar-09 19:15:15

Not sure if I will be of help but I have emailed you Wallace

Wallace Tue 24-Mar-09 06:36:51

Thanks FM All is saved I'm taking dh's old jeep

Flier Wed 25-Mar-09 15:43:53

It was lovely to meet you all yesterday, look forward to the birthday meet smile

Wallace Wed 25-Mar-09 19:09:46

We had a lovely time

Ds fell asleep on the sofa after we got back he was so exhausted (doesn't usually nap!)

Sorry I left without buying you all a cup of tea in return - my round next time grin

FairMidden Wed 25-Mar-09 19:10:04

Yes, we both had a lovely time. We will have to try and get together again sometime and I'll have to try and work on my punctuality blush

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