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Any mums out there fancy meeting up?

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dipsymum Mon 09-Mar-09 11:15:15


I've just moved back to Hailsham after a 13 year absence and am finding it a lot harder second time round to meet new mums, I have two lovely daughters aged 2 and 8 months and would really like to meet anyone who just fancies a walk and a chat. Location isn't really that important as happy to drive.


ReallyNotAHippie Tue 20-Apr-10 23:38:31


We've just moved to East Dean (outside Eastbourne) and don't know many people yet. My son's 10 months old so a similar age to your youngest. Be up for meeting up if you fancy it?


lockhart Wed 05-May-10 11:54:57

Hi i have a 14 month old and a 4 yr old. Iould love to meet new people as i am stuck in pevensey bay with bus an hr and not being able to drive ????

lowrib Mon 31-May-10 01:10:00

Hiya, we're moving to Eastbourne in two weeks, we just found a flat this weekend, near the station. (I think the area might be called Upperton? It's all new to me!)

My DS is 17 months.

I'd love to meet some other mums as I know exactly no one in Eastbourne!

TeamEdward Mon 31-May-10 06:02:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lowrib Wed 02-Jun-10 19:20:42

Hiya TeamEdward! grin

TeamEdward Fri 04-Jun-10 17:11:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lowrib Sun 06-Jun-10 23:23:34

Hi there smile

Friday's the big day. we're really not ready at all, but I'm looking forward to it anyway, I can't wait to get there! It's a long story, which I won't go into now, but we've been living with family for the last few months and our stuff is scattered around London (e.g. a very helpful friend's cellar) It seems like so long since we had all our stuff in one place I can hardly remember what we've got! I'm half hoping I'll unpack and think "we don't need all this stuff!" and end up beautifully de-cluttered! Unlikely though grin

lowrib Tue 15-Jun-10 00:32:47

Hi everyone smile

We did it! We moved in over the weekend, I now live in Eastbourne! grin

Just in case you haven't noticed, I just thought you might like to know there's nother thread over here with people talking about meeting up in Eastbourne.

CraftySarah Tue 22-Jun-10 21:52:04

Congratulations lowrib!!! Isn't it exciting! We moved here two months ago and I still get a thrill when I hear the seagulls and see the Downs from our windows.. and don't get me started on the beach!

I hope you start to feel settled in really quickly.. it'll be great to have all your stuff back (even if half of it is clutter!!)

Good luck with it all..

Sarah x

mellz Thu 24-Jun-10 22:29:38

Hi all, We've recently, apx 3 months ago, moved to Hailsham from South Lincolnshire. I'm with CraftySarah - loving the sound the seagulls (and to see them perched on our roof) and that its only 15min drive to the beach! I have a Son who is 6 and a Daughter who will be 2 next month. We don't have any family or friends here but are slowly making friends through attending tumble tots, swim classes etc although I think I'm finding it harder than my son as I miss my family and girly friends heaps (thank goodness for sites like mumsnet and facebook!). If anyone fancies meeting up for a playdate, grown up coffee etc etc please get in touch. Mel x

lowrib Tue 03-Aug-10 00:07:23

Hi everyone, come meet us for a picnic in lovely Gildredge Park.

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