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Moving to Witney

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EvaLongoria Sun 08-Mar-09 10:56:53


I am moving to Witney beginning April and would like to have some nice pointers for things for kids. daughter is 16 months old. And would also love to meet some new people in the area or surrounding.

paranoidmother Sun 08-Mar-09 21:01:58

Am near Bicester so once you move can meet for coffee near Oxford or Bicester if you'd like. Sorry am not nearer. It's a nice area and you'll like it if you keep away from the A40 and A34 at peak times, they can be hell.

I'm sure you'll like it, sorry I can't give you any info on Witney. They'll be someone who can though. We have a few nice coffee places and kids play places in Bicester and a Lakeland to!

I've got DD who's 4 and DS who's 2.

Filmbuffmum Mon 09-Mar-09 18:58:35


I'm in Eynsham, which is only about 4 miles from Witney. Witney is a really nice sized market town, and loads to do for kids. There is a weekly toy library in one of the church halls, toddler sessions at the library about once a month, soft play sessions in the leisure centre (Wednesday mornings I think), good local swimming classes at a very heated pool in one of the local schools, Baby College and Sing and Sign classes which are both excellent, and a nice cafe- Huffkins. I have one son (just over two), and go into Witney a couple of times a week- much easier for shopping than Oxford. Drop me a line if you want more information or to meet up. Other nice local day trips include the Cotswold Wildlife park in Burford, Cogges Museum in Oxford (reopens later in the year) and of course plenty of stuff in Oxford- reasonably easy to get in by bus from Witney out of rush hour.

AdeleFielder Tue 10-Mar-09 21:56:27

Hiya, I live in carerton about 5 miles from Witney, my little ones go to a music group called crocodile music in Carterton, but the lady also runs 2 groups in Witney, she's called annie and a really lovely lasy, they do half hour of music and half hour of play. you dont have to commit to going every week (like some groups) or pay for a term upfront. I'm sure you could google it, if nothing comes up, drop me an e mail and i can look up her number. All the best! Adele

EvaLongoria Wed 11-Mar-09 00:29:19


Thanks everyone for replying. I am definitely going to try and go to all or most of the things Filmbuffmum mentioned that is why I am moving to Witney. And hopefully from April onwards anyone thats visiting that side or anyone thats a little lonely dont hesitate say hi.
Have been the Cotswold Wildlife Park a few times and would love to go again as DD is at a age where she loves all the animals and makes all the sounds.

Dont be strangers

AdeleFielder Wed 11-Mar-09 08:23:10

You can get a season pass for the wildlife park and you get your money back if u go 5 times a year or more! Easily done with a little one, i know they were going up but not sure if it was the start or end of march... give them a call maybe? We are planning on just going up there to go the park etc and escape a bit in the warmer weather...

bisiker Mon 23-Jul-12 13:31:44

Hi, I am moving to the Barringtons ox18 near burford from london in a few weeks. change of lifestyle and all that..
my children are 20 months and 4 years. my daughter will start a local primary in september but i would love to hear about toddler groups for my active son and any tips on mum hang outs.

thanks in advance

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