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Tiny Tots Nursery - Balloch

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Angelsus Mon 02-Mar-09 20:53:11


Just wondering if anybody has any comments about Tiny Tots nursery? I'm looking into nurseries in Inverness at the moment and this one is quite a bit cheaper that most but i don't know anyone who's kids attend.


Rach1972 Mon 02-Mar-09 20:56:54

Mine do but they have only been going for 6 weeks so its difficult for me to give a full picture, Overall I'm fairly happy with it some of the staff are really nice and the kids seem happy which is the most important thing. I have a few niggles but nothing massive I would be happy to chat off the public BB if you want

Flier Thu 05-Mar-09 10:19:39

Angelsus, if you'd like to CAT me, I could email you their latest inspection report, or look it up at


ps was it you who was looking into setting up a soft play in Inverness?

beautifulday Sun 22-Mar-09 19:39:34

We were hoping to put ds there recently but no one bothered to get back in touch with us after phoning a few people - I think the manager is on maternity leave so we got told to phone a few numbers and then told someone would call us back so we gave up and went elsewhere. I've heard the baby bit is in a portakabin at the moment due to a damaged roof which is temporary until it gets fixed (not sure if this has been fixed yet) - we do know someone with an older child there who has been going for a few years and they love it.

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