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raffle prizes for charity event

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Sakladdie Thu 19-Feb-09 14:22:42

Hi we are being given the opportunity to get fundraising from an event run by VEIN showband in Irvine. It is in aid of Sands-Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity.
All we have to do is provide raffle prizes.Anything no matter how small is fantastic.Anyone can help us out would be fantastic.
Email is or can call Sands office in Crosshouse hospital. Thanks in advance.

irvinemum Thu 05-Mar-09 23:25:46

i love to help out

Sakladdie Mon 09-Mar-09 15:05:27

If you have anything that would be good for raffle prizes it would be fab.
Just trying to get together as many as i can before fri night.
Everything else being done by V.E.I.N.
I am at above e mail and can meet most anytime if in Irvine or evenings outwith.
Thanks Sally-Ann

SimpleAsABC Wed 25-Mar-09 11:36:32

Sorry just seen this. Would have loved to help out.

Sakladdie Thu 26-Mar-09 16:02:33

Thank you anyway. Maybe next time.We have our main raffle in June,which is awareness month. This was an extra kindly done for us by V.E.I.N showband.We raised a total of £1000 so very happy.grin

SimpleAsABC Thu 26-Mar-09 19:29:56


skramble Tue 28-Apr-09 23:32:14

For your main raffle try ayr racecourse they give pairs of tickets out for fundraising raffles.

DarAmi Thu 07-May-09 13:41:52

thanks for that skramble.Would not have thought of there. Main raffle is being drawn 1st June

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