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Rach1972 Sat 24-Jan-09 19:08:22

Hi Girls

I've new to Mumsnet and to the Inverness area, we moved up here between Christmas and new year!!!! I'm 36 and have Boy/girl twins who will be 2 in March, would be really good to hear from people who are local as I know absolutely no-one up here!
Also it would be great to have recommnetdations of places to visit that are Kid friendly and does anyone know where there is a duck pond as my little girl loves ducks and is missing feeding them!

Thanks very much

mrsdisorganised Sat 24-Jan-09 21:30:16

Bumping for you!

I live about 90 miles out of Inverness so don't know it well but hopefully some nice MNer will see your post.
Theres a nice park near the Aquadome, can't remember it's name...Bucht Park maybe?!
The highland wildlife park is good for kids, as is Landmark...road out to Aviemore you will find both on google, sorry not a great deal of help!smile Good luck!

cek Sat 24-Jan-09 21:33:10

Thats so weird, I just registered as Im going to be in the same boat !
Im still down in Bristol, but have parents On the Black Isles and we are selling up and moving ASAP. I am 37 and I have a two year old and a duck pond !! Which will also be greatly missed and were also spoilt for choice with soft play, tumble tots and the Zoo. Im worried what were going to gain in beaches, hills and fresh air, we might loose in day to day activities as I cant find anything on line.. Where did you move from ? Hows it going ?

Rach1972 Sat 24-Jan-09 22:01:52

Hi Girls

Mrs Disorganised thanks for the info I will look into those places!

Cek - we moved for Yorkshire where we also had a plethora of things to do but I love it up here already, my little guys were running down Rosemarkie beach the other day and I just thought this is absolutley what I want! I do miss tunbletots though i have to say but I have found other classes to join to try to meet other mums! where abouts are your mum and dad? we are in Avoch! Keep in touch and I'll let you know what else I find! is your little one a boy or girl?

cek Sun 25-Jan-09 19:28:00

Hi Rach1972

A boy or DS I think we should call him...
Were going to be in or very near to Fortrose.. I think thats near Rosemarkie, it def rings a bell. Got to go and settle him so will definatley keep in touch with you and very happy to hear you enjoying beach and life already...

Flier Mon 26-Jan-09 14:27:33

I think I know who you are blush there are loads of ducks in the village you stay, will tell you about them at toddlers on wednesday grin

Rach1972 Wed 28-Jan-09 13:03:08

Hi Flier

Its a small world!!! Thanks for the Duck info! Sorry I wasn't more chatty this morning I was feeling seriously hormonal and homesick!

Will keep in touch Cek we are very near Fortose!

Rach x

Flier Wed 28-Jan-09 13:06:21

didn't think you were your normal self! Maybe I should have arranged for us to meet up and go feed the ducks? Can't remember if you work Fridays? Could do Friday morning?

Rach1972 Thu 29-Jan-09 19:31:03

Hi Flier
I work Fridays but thanks for the offer thats really nice of you, I'm feeling much better today and keep telling myself its going to take time but when you've got raging PMT its hard to be rational !!!! LOL

Flier Thu 29-Jan-09 20:27:32

Thats a shame, never mind.
Glad you're feeling better though. See you on Wednesday at toddlers?

Rach1972 Sat 31-Jan-09 21:50:42

Yep I should be there

cek Wed 04-Feb-09 21:50:20

Didnt book mark the website and then took ages to navigate my way back to this chat. Sure im getting too old ! Thats nice that your near. I hoped it would be easy to have a few new connections before I moved up and looks possible already which is a relief. We have to sell the house first though so might be a while. Have you tried the Fortrose sport centre pre school thing? It was the only place i could find on line.. I did get a massive list of church hall toddler groups sent to me though. Ill definatley keep in touch . I cant really work out what its going to be like to up sticks. Positives and negative every where I look. Sounds like we all need to get together and set up a big soft play centre though hey! speak soon

Flier Thu 05-Feb-09 08:21:22

Rach did you go? grin

Flier Thu 05-Feb-09 08:22:27

and hello cek I'm sure you're gonna love it up here, and it will be that mych easier if you have hamily here (babysitters! - the only thing I miss wink )

Flier Thu 05-Feb-09 08:22:58

and hello cek I'm sure you're gonna love it up here, and it will be that mych easier if you have hamily here (babysitters! - the only thing I miss wink )

Flier Thu 05-Feb-09 08:23:27

much family hmm

VJay Thu 05-Feb-09 11:50:35

Hello, I've been prompted by flier to say hello. I joined mn after my mc's,I had one in June and one in October last year, so I've been on those boards mainly. Now I'm pregnant again, 11 weeks today, and an absolute nervous wreck!
I've lived up here for nearly 3 years now, I come from Cheshire.
So hello grin <vjay waves madly>

Flier Thu 05-Feb-09 12:03:52

ah, VJay welcome, welcome! Glad you managed to find us grin. Congrats on your pg. How far from Inverness are you? ie Will you give birth at Raigmore Hospital?

VJay Thu 05-Feb-09 19:33:44

I live in Nairn, so yes will be giving birth in Raigmore. To be honest I've not thought beyond getting past this first trimester yet, but I do know it will be Raigmore.

Rach1972 Fri 06-Feb-09 13:03:09

Flier - Yes i went even though it was snowing! How good am I!!!!!! Flipping Ache today though! I expect to see you there next week didn't realise you are not local? I've managed to find myself a great babysitter already! wink

Cek - good to hear from you again, i'm sure you will love it up here particulary as you have family in the area! I'd be lying if i said i wasn't a bit homesick but overall its brilliant. I just need to make freinds i can be girly with i.e. Shopping and drinking wine! Not Tried Fortrose Toddlers as its a day I work!

Vjay - good to hear from you hun, so sorry to hear about the MCs they are soul destroying I had 1 after having IVF to get pregnant so I soem idea how you are feeling, I was totally paranoind when I was pregnant but I think the further on you get the easier it becomes, I will keep everything crossed for you

Flier Fri 06-Feb-09 13:48:59

Good for you Rach! School was closed yesterday so eldest was off, we went to the park and I was the only one rolling the snow for the snowman, my back is killing me grin I am so unfit. DS had a great time sledging too.
me local? gosh no! only been here 8 years this summer grin Cannot believe it is 8 years alraedy though shock
I have found it hard to make friends because I haven't actually worked since being here, (well I worked from home before dcs came along), and my brain is still mush from being a sahm sad

Rach1972 Sat 07-Feb-09 19:56:03

My brain is mush hun and I'm back at work, there is no hope for us once we have had children!
Our garden is a big hill, we had the critters out there today on trays as we don't have a sledge!!!!! DS thought it was brill!
Good on you with the snowman, I made a rather pathetic speciman on thursday as we couldn't get out to go to work!

Rach1972 Wed 11-Feb-09 11:50:11

Flier - you really didn't seem yourself this morning is there anything I can do to help? I'm very good a tea and constructive sympathy even better at wine and sympathy (though it probably wouldn't be as constructivewink) Not going to aerobics tonight as i pulled my back when I fell over DS at playgroup! Just tried to PM you my Mob Num but It wont let me unless I subscribe!!!!!!!

Flier Thu 12-Feb-09 15:26:19

aww thanks Rach, I was on a bit of a downer, was dreading picking DS up from school, I think that's what was praying on my mind. Thankfully, he had a better, more well behaved day at school yesterday smile
Probably a bit of PMT too grin

Sorry you've done your back in - I don't remember seeing you fall over DS shock
I take it you were snowed in again thsi am? another day off work? Hope so, hope you managed to get a sledge yesterday smile
I'll try to CAT yuo, as I've paid

Won't see you on Wed, DS at hospital.

cek Thu 05-Mar-09 09:50:02

hi all..

dont know if your still checking in here. Think were excepting an offer in the house today !! which may mean were on our way by May ish..Definately like the idea of the shopping / girly bit as have a lovely network of mums ive seen weekly since DS was born that I miss even thinking about it. Also must find out about things for DS..Will keep you all posted and thanks for words of encouragement and stories. Its a comfort.

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