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5th Birthday party venue recommendations

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GreatGooglyMoogly Mon 19-Jan-09 18:15:04

DS1 has his 5th birthday party at the end of March and I am struggling to find a (mainly-)indoor venue that charges less than 14pounds per head (or hall plus entertainer combo). It will be about half boys/ half girls (15ish total) and DS1 is a sensitive wee soul so won't do sports/ anything too noisy but it still needs to be reasonably active. The parties he has been to so far have all been at World of Fun in Radlett, so ideally not there. TIA.

princessmel Mon 19-Jan-09 18:23:51 -and-it-was#13885346

We had ds's party at westminster lodge. It was £9.95 inc food.

Big Space Harpenden

Hollywood Bowl in Garston.

Not sure how much Willows farm costs.

princessmel Mon 19-Jan-09 18:24:13 -was#13885346

balismum Mon 19-Jan-09 18:25:07

the woodside leisure centre in watford.. went to a really nice party there. bouncy castle and soft toys in a huge gym with lots of running around potential and then food in a party room (which was also a squash court!!)

GreatGooglyMoogly Mon 19-Jan-09 18:49:32

Thanks for the suggestions . I'm not brave enough to do a swimming party, I'm afraid princessmel! Big Space and Willows are 14/15 pounds per head plus adults which I am hoping not to have to pay. I forgot to mention that we will have a 2 year old and 2x 3 year olds so I think bowling is probably out. I am keeping the bouncy castle idea in mind (I've seen that they do this at Hemel sportspace too) but I know DS1 doesn't like bouncing with anyone else on with him, so probably not that either!
Keep 'em coming!

BlueCowBackToWondering Mon 19-Jan-09 19:04:44

I've done Big Space twice for 5 yr olds (and lived to tell the tale...). No charge for adults, but they will charge for the little ones.

GreatGooglyMoogly Mon 19-Jan-09 19:21:07

Good to know BlueCow. I guess I will still have to buy food and drinks for the adults though and you've reminded me that there will be a 1 year old coming who won't be part of the play and food but presumably will be charged admission.

BlueCowBackToWondering Mon 19-Jan-09 19:35:30

but if it's a 2-hour party, why would the adults need food and drinks?

GreatGooglyMoogly Mon 19-Jan-09 19:55:27

Just because we are hosts and they will be standing around!

doublehelp Tue 20-Jan-09 14:01:41

what about stripey wipey the entertainer been to loads of parties with him. he has a website great with kids of all ages

DJ Jungles indoor soft play

GreatGooglyMoogly Tue 20-Jan-09 14:40:07

Thanks; I wondered about DJs. I've never been so would need to have a look

magso Sun 08-Feb-09 10:00:17

We have attended parties in DJs jungle in SA, I think it was about £9 a head. Also Adventure World in LC. They do tots parties for under 5s (at £6.90 per child) with only 1hour play +tea, and for the over 5 (£9.00 per child) for 1.5hours play and tea.
The snag in both places is the tea is not in an exclusive space but most are like that. The other problem is keeping a watch on the children whilst playing but both venues are small enough for that not to be a huge problem. The tables placed in the play area in DJs make this task easier than Adventure world. Both can be chilly in winter.

GreatGooglyMoogly Mon 09-Feb-09 09:37:27

Thanks magso. What was the food like at DJs? I am beginning to see why everyone goes to A World of Fun!

magso Tue 10-Feb-09 21:43:37

Food at DJs was standard IYKWIM - ie not particularly inspiring but the sort of things children happily eat at parties. If I remember correctly there was a choice of hot with finger foods(Ds had pizza, I cannot remember the other options - baked potato with cheese perhaps) or cold buffet (sandwiches, cheese cubes, cherry tomatoes crisps etc) There was a generous plate of finger sized fruit which was popular and some deserts which mostly got sampled and left. However I think they can be flexible. The staff were helpful.
I have only attended the uncrowded sn session recently which may not be typical.

HenriettaJones Wed 25-Feb-09 20:14:46

Hi, I have been to parties at Big Space, World of Fun, and DJs, and I have to say World of fun was definitely the fave!

After that I would say DJs, but this might be because the Big Space one we went to had so many guests that the tea time bit was very crowded!

I have been to one where food was provided for adults, and all the rest it hasn't, and TBH I don't think anyone will notice/mind. There is opportunity at each place for parents to treat themselves if they wish! After all, it's a party for the kids, and I think the parents just enjoy the luxury of a sit down!

You might want to ring each place to see what is included in the price.

One thing I considered for my DS was to do something special like Legoland or Bekonscot, and invite just one or two close friends. This went out the window when he chose for himself! But I will try for it again next year!

Some friends of mine used Dagnall Street Church hall and had a joint party, with craft tables and other activities (don't know exactly what as I couldn't go!) could that work for you?

GreatGooglyMoogly Thu 05-Mar-09 13:04:25

Thanks magso and HJ. World of Fun parties are great, but I just don't want to do the same as everyone else! Maybe next year ;)

I considered hiring a hall but DS1 doesn't like party games or lots of noise, so decided not to in the end.

We have decided to go with Woodside animal farm this year, which is risky in many ways! I'll report back in a month or so

BlueCowWonderss Thu 05-Mar-09 13:09:09

My ds went to Woodside for a party last summer - a real first as all the other venues had already been 'done' by older sis! Huge success for all involved, tho the parents kept it quite small. Great party bag with free tickets for another time!

GreatGooglyMoogly Thu 05-Mar-09 13:18:57

Ooh, great to hear BlueCow!

HenriettaJones Thu 05-Mar-09 22:57:08

I'm ignorant - where is woodside? Sounds great BTW, looking forward to hearing about it!

GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 06-Mar-09 07:12:07 is about 20 minutes drive from our end of town along the route to Whipsnade, HJ. Animals aren't great, apart from the hands-on in the barn, but it also has lots of things to play on/ with outside and a softplay inside.

isittooearlyforgin Thu 23-Apr-09 20:36:27

hiring a pre school can be really cheap and soooo relaxing - all the toys which aren't your child's so no need for jealously - went to one recently and children played like a dream while i ate sausage rolls!!

GreatGooglyMoogly Mon 27-Apr-09 13:40:18

The birthday party was a huge success! Each of the children had their own pot of animal feed; we had our own hands-on session in the barn and our own tractor ride and then we went inside for softplay and the party tea/ cake. Sadly the weather wasn't nice enough to stay outside longer and go on the fairground rides but it didn't matter as it went so well! grin

StoryParties Wed 02-Aug-17 14:11:04

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