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wot to do now!

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bee45 Wed 07-Jan-09 17:18:55

hi i am new to all of this so plesse bear with me. well my kids who are 9 and 11 have obviously been at school for some time. wot with various reasons i am not 'working' at the mo. I have drunk thousands of cups of coffee ,tried on hundreds of pairs of ill fitting black trousers, wandered around and started talking to myself, scary, and have clocked up many hours staring into space. I have worked in the past but also moved here last summer so left all friends behind. need inspiration . any ideas? just need to chat really

poshtottie Sat 10-Jan-09 12:46:47

Are you in Dorchester?

bee45 Sun 11-Jan-09 11:49:24

hi no i live fairly near dorchester. sorry my message was really boring thanks for the reply. its all bit new to me its quite dificult to make new friends. and its great to have a chat or a moan even on the computer. phew just done horrid homewotk thing it seems to have taken over our sundays . rows sulks etc and there still only young and im crap at maths. I like dorchester though and ive found good coffee place called taste opposite argos much better than costa. i only wish there were more shops to get kids clothes in. my 11 yr old son gettin kinda fussy and 9 yr old daughter. must stop staring into space though and think of something constructive to do. i went somethere a while ago and this woman said to me 'so what do you do then' she being some successfull author and i said that i didint do anything! Which then made me feel crap cos im not stupid. has anyone ever said that to you?

poshtottie Sun 11-Jan-09 17:07:02

Hi bee, sounds like you are in a bit of a rut. I know what you mean though. Once you become a mother you lose a bit of yourself. I work when dh is home so he looks after ds. Its only for a few weeks of the year but I enjoy it.

Do you have any hobbies? Anything you fancy taking up. I do yoga, it keeps me sane.

Whereabouts from up north are you from?

bee45 Sun 11-Jan-09 17:30:26

hi ther im from leeds well i have got a northern accent but just moved from the midlands. I do sound like a bit of a sad im not really i live in a lovely part of the country beside the sea. my dh works away mon to thurs. i do pilates and pottery and just sort of look after things kids,house and generally facillitate everyones needs. im not really in a rut as we have just moved here so glad to have new things to see and do its just a matter of finding some work for perhaps a couple of days a week but cant do holidays or weekends so im a bit unemployable. i taught art to adults befor we moved. sunday nights are horrid too have to help ds now with homework and im crap at maths

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 11-Jan-09 17:31:21

Are you east ofr west of Dorchester

poshtottie Sun 11-Jan-09 17:42:41

You don't sound sad at all.

Its a big thing moving house and to a new area. We moved only a few miles last year and its been interesting. I wanted to move to town and now I wish I lived back in a village.

I have a ds aged 2 so not quite there with the homework thing yet, maybe I should start learning now.

bee45 Sun 11-Jan-09 18:00:20

hi ther im west of dorchester near the coast and im supposed to be helping with my sons homework i really hate it! then he laughed at me when he peeked and saw it said mumsnet. i used to live in a small village when kids were young but now they can walk to the local shops. i would never want to live in a village again as my kids are getting older its better for them to be able to meet up with friends etc. still do taxi thing though. this was one of reasons moved to small town. i used to have to take kids to school in car now ds can walk and i cant wait till summer when hopefully they can go to beach on own. with me probably lurking in the background though facillitating with sandwiches!

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