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Parbold area - Is there anyone out there ?

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Esther75 Tue 23-Dec-08 17:31:41

I live in Parbold and my first baby is on the way - due in May. Is anyone else in a similar boat ? Would love to meet some other mums \mums to be in the area.

juandmike Mon 05-Jan-09 23:03:34

hi esther,
i live in coppull, due in june, so you're a few eeks ( sorry, weeks)ahead. I don't know any other M2B round here yet either. where are u booked into?

Esther75 Mon 27-Apr-09 17:55:58

Sorry for the delay in replying but only just logged back into the site after some months away. I am having my baby at Ormskirk Hospital. How about you ? How are you doing ? I have finished work now so am at home waiting...

Esther75 Mon 27-Apr-09 17:58:04

You can text me on 07849345242 if you want to get in touch

AppleyEverAfter Thu 11-Nov-10 21:55:42

Don't know if you guys are still on here, but if you are - or anyone else reads this - I'm in Appley Bridge!

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