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Farnborough Hill School

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fishpersontwo Tue 09-Dec-08 11:06:47


We're moving into the Camberley area next year and Farnborough HIll School is one that dd is applying for.

Not being local, I have very little knowledge of the school other than three visits, brochure, website, league tables etc.

Does anyone have a dd at the school (or had in the past) or knows someone there? What is its local reputation?

Many thanks for your opinions/advice.

Lionstar Tue 09-Dec-08 11:14:28

I have a friend with a daughter there, she started last year. They are very happy with the school and she has made loads of friends. It sounds like a very supportive environment and encourages the girls development in lots of areas.

fishpersontwo Tue 09-Dec-08 11:22:23

Thank you, Lionstar, that confirms what I've heard. Any more comments from others, please?

slummy79 Thu 20-Jan-11 15:37:11

Hello! I am an ex-pupil of Farnborough Hill and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I cannot recommend it highly enough and hopefully when we are blessed with a dd to join our ds, we will certainly be sending her there!

slummy79 Thu 20-Jan-11 15:37:45

How embarrassing...I only just saw how long ago you posted that message! Sorry!

happybunch Wed 27-Jul-11 17:56:26

Anyone know the policy on wearing earrings at Farnborough Hill? My daughter is desperate to get her ears pierced and we were going to get them done this summer but don't want to do something that might be a problem for her later. Thanks!

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