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Where do you think they might build the new Secondary school?

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starbear Sun 07-Dec-08 10:17:34

DH read in the Evening Standard that Kingston will be getting a new Secondary School. Anyone know anything about it?
DS is 4, and we are crossing fingers for an okay school. I am appalled at the cramped space Kingston primary schools have. Nothing I can do about that now for DS.

aznerak Tue 09-Dec-08 16:27:30

I have been heavily involved in the group campaigning for this for years.

This is a major breakthrough for our group and moreover for the parents of children in North Kingston.

We have a website here that you may find useful.

There is a meeting at the Council office this evening (7.30pm in the Guildhall) which is open to the public and will be discussing the plans that the council have. Please do come along if you read this in time.

The agenda and meeting notes can be found here

Contact us at our campaign group email for more info!

starbear Tue 09-Dec-08 20:56:24

Oh! Saw your post at 7.50pm and ran down the road to the Guildhall. I'll contact your campaign group's e-mail address.

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