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garage recommendation in streatham / norbury / croydon area?

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gingersarah Fri 05-Dec-08 09:50:24

I haven't lived here that long and need to get my car serviced. I was really ripped off by the renault garage in west london a few years ago, really shocking - they destroyed my car instead of fixing a small fault and tried to charge me the earth to fix what was their fault. anyway I am very wary now and my car is due a service and I would really appreciate a personal recommendation.


gabygirl Fri 05-Dec-08 14:44:00

I've use Carmend for the past few years, which is on an industrial estate off Gloucester road in Selhurst. I think the guy who runs it is very sound and I've never felt ripped off.

gabygirl Fri 05-Dec-08 14:46:39

020 8683 0047 - telephone number !

LadyLauraStandish Fri 05-Dec-08 14:50:00

I've used PTA on Wickham Road in Shirley, Croydon and found them excellent.

020 8654 8811

gingersarah Sat 06-Dec-08 08:34:38

thank you!

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