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It's nearly Christmas!

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NoPresentsInVictorianSqualor Thu 04-Dec-08 21:40:31

How about a xmas lunch/dinner?
For the oxfordshire mners?

whomovedmychocolate Thu 04-Dec-08 22:25:00

Lunch with dcs?

NoPresentsInVictorianSqualor Fri 05-Dec-08 08:00:58

Yeah, why not.

JackieNoCribForABed Fri 05-Dec-08 08:07:45

Depending when (and where), I might be around.

PigeonPie Sun 07-Dec-08 20:56:49

Lunch would suit us too.

LilMatchGirlInVictorianSqualor Mon 08-Dec-08 09:16:55

Any preferences as to when?

PigeonPie Mon 08-Dec-08 15:57:00

Thursday or Friday this week or Monday next for us

Jazzicatz Mon 08-Dec-08 16:17:34

Monday would be better for me!

LilMatchGirlInVictorianSqualor Mon 08-Dec-08 16:30:40

I can do monday but would have to be about 1ish.

vacaloca Mon 08-Dec-08 20:53:46

oh, oh, can I come? grin I was wondering the other day if there was a xmas meet-up near here.

LilMatchGirlInVictorianSqualor Mon 08-Dec-08 22:15:21

Course you can! be nice to see you

vacaloca Mon 08-Dec-08 22:24:20

how's you and your lovely one VS?

LilMatchGirlInVictorianSqualor Mon 08-Dec-08 22:26:21

Tired! lol.
He's too adorable, I can't get strict!blush Yours?

JackieNoCribForABed Mon 08-Dec-08 22:30:31

I might be able to do Monday. Whereabouts? I'll probably be in Oxford (day off) doing yet more last minute christmas shopping. .

LilMatchGirlInVictorianSqualor Mon 08-Dec-08 22:32:59

I think the city centre will be best, anyone know anywhere dc friendly? me & pigeon pie are bicester, vacaloca is near the hospital, wmmc is the other side of Oxford to me (I know that much!) Not sure about Jazzicatz.
I think Ruty wants to come too, I'll email her.

vacaloca Mon 08-Dec-08 22:42:51

I was going to suggest Branca - very child-friendly (they even have baby purees) and good lunchtime special for £6.45 but I just noticed on the website they only do this special for tables up to 6 people.

Or Pizza Express? Very central and also child-friendly (crayons, balloons...)

Jazzicatz Tue 09-Dec-08 20:26:40

I am in Wallingford

LilMatchGirlInVictorianSqualor Tue 09-Dec-08 21:17:16

Is the city centre alright for you too Jazzicatz? (Are you 'Catz? or another person?)

PigeonPie Tue 09-Dec-08 21:24:24

City centre fine for us - Pizza Express (if it's the one off the Covered Market) is ok but you can't take pushchairs upstairs.

JackieNoCribForABed Tue 09-Dec-08 21:25:35

THere's a Pizza Express in the Prison bit, too, but I haven't been in that one.

LilMatchGirlInVictorianSqualor Wed 10-Dec-08 09:23:42

Some of us went here for one of the meet-ups which was quite nice, child friendly, (they have annabel karmel for their junior dishes) it's all one floor and although the toilets are downstairs they have baby change facilities/disabled toilet upstairs.
Some of the food was a bit poncey though and quite pricey.
The pizza express in the castle complex is over two floors so we'd have to specifically ask for an upstairs table but I doubt that would be a problem on a monday lunchtime.

Jazzicatz Wed 10-Dec-08 09:46:54

Tis fine for me

JackieNoCribForABed Thu 11-Dec-08 08:15:59

Will it be OK that I'll be child-free? Both DCs are in school, and term doesn't finish till the Friday.

vacaloca Thu 11-Dec-08 09:09:52

It's looking like I'll have to work on Monday so I don't think I'll be able to make it any more sad. Shame, would have love to meet you all.

vacaloca Thu 11-Dec-08 09:10:38


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