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hoophoop Sun 16-Nov-08 00:20:19

Hello, I'm a stay at home mum of 3 and really struggling to make ends meet on my husbands teacher salary. Can anyone suggest ways for me to make money from home that won't involve any kind of capital investment. I'm willing to do most things but can only spare a couple of hours in the evenings as my kids are 3.5, 2 and 7 months so daytimes are already pretty full on. sad

Tortington Sun 16-Nov-08 00:25:18

betterware catalouges?
delivering the free paper?

not a lot of extra cash to be sure

i also check the working from home or homeworking is might be - on the guardian job website, chose advanced search, most of the time i suspect you wont get a lot, but its often worth a shot - you can get it e-mailed to you

also, keep a look out on the brighton and hove council job website, sometimes they do working from home, not often - again worth a look in once a week.

hoophoop Thu 20-Nov-08 22:17:01

Thanks Custardo,
Can't do the delivery stuff as need to stay indoors but like the other ideas and will give them a go

Dubh Mon 24-Nov-08 20:32:17


My children are similar ages so I understand the problem!

Take a look at
Lots of entrepreneurial moms doing their own thing.

Although your days are busy, an online business is workable (unless you get really successful!), as is 'party plan' in the evenings.

hoophoop Fri 28-Nov-08 22:34:40

Thanks Dubh,
I'm going to have a look at the website now for some inspiration. I'm trying not to get too stressed about this but it is a worry as even if I did want to go back to work (which I don't as I want to look after my own kids, at least til school) I can't as childcare costs for 3 is impossible.
I appreciate your help

interstella71 Sat 20-Dec-08 22:49:29


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