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Any Home Educators in Croydon

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Kayteee Thu 06-Nov-08 12:14:52

Hi all,
I home ed my 2 boys and am looking to start a local meet up in the new year. I already know quite a few HE families here in Croydon but the more the merrier! So, if you are interested perhaps you could post or email me.
It would be a very informal gathering and a good way to meet new friends for parents and kids alike.
bws Katie

corithedoula Mon 29-Dec-08 16:57:46

I am very seriously considering Home Ed. Would love to meet up with you and talk about the ups and downs! My boys are 4 & 6.

Kayteee Fri 02-Jan-09 22:55:17

Hi Cori,
sorry for the delay..have only just seen your post.
We're just in the middle of moving house atm and life is a bit hectic but if you'd like to email me I'll see if I can get a few others together soon. Could you get to the Bromley/Orpington area atall? I can let you know of a few group meetups which will be starting in a week or 2. All very friendly families. Drop me a line

corithedoula Mon 05-Jan-09 16:19:42

I would love to meet up! We took the plunge and today had our first official day of 'school'! It was wonderful! I could definitely get up to the Bromley/Orpington area. Just let me know a where and when!


p.s. trying to change my subscription so that I can get emails, but it's not currently enabled.

Kayteee Tue 03-Mar-09 22:00:37

Hi again Cori,
my email is
Hope all going well for you.
Been a bit busy but am free to meet up if you still want to

Dashus Tue 26-May-09 17:38:56

Dear Homeducating Mums in Croydon,

I am not a mum myself (yet..!) but teach Maths and English for Primary school aged children. Is there a need among any of you for a Tutor to teach either or both subjects for a small group? Daytime would be ideal as I already teach several children after school from 4-6pm. Am making preliminary enquiries at present.

Can also teach GCSE Maths (4 years experience with excellent results).


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