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Any Mum's in Dunfermline/surrounding areas fancy meeting up?

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cali Tue 28-Oct-08 15:03:36

Think I've just posted a blank messageblush, anyway will try again!

There were a few of us who said we would be up for a meet and I was just wondering if people were still interested?

Could meet in either the PlayPlanet or Costa/Starbucks. depending on peoples preferences.

jc15 Tue 28-Oct-08 18:23:43

I am interested.Play Planet would be great

eilidhfi Wed 29-Oct-08 12:07:56

What's PlayPlanet?! I'm still interested.

jc15 Wed 29-Oct-08 12:41:27

Play Planet is indoor play centre in Dlagety Bay.. It has 3 areas suitable for children from approx 8months - 10 years.
My little ones love it.

ShonaW Sun 02-Nov-08 11:30:32

I don't drive but my little one loves it as well. I'd still be up for a meet up if anyone could offer a lift or could meet in town?

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