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Cancelled - Next Tuesday/Wednesday!!!

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MadameCastafiore Fri 24-Oct-08 10:09:15

Hi Girls

In light of my momentus cock up I am cancelling next week and will let you all know well in advance the correct day when DH is out at European Football Match next time - and I promise I will get the date right!


Mung I promise I will cook you a rosotto in the very near future.

Mung Fri 24-Oct-08 14:57:31

We could all go out in town on Tuesday still as we do have babysitters. I am skint, so it would have to be a cheap one...say Zizzi's or Strada or somewhere like that. Going to town would also make it easier for all the people travelling by train.

I'd love risotto soon...or the recipe!

MadameCastafiore Fri 24-Oct-08 16:17:08

Does anyone else not have an absent DH on Tuesday night - I am willing to bring food that can be warmed up in microwave or oven?

(Mung I can't really warm up Risotto!)

MrsMagooo Sat 25-Oct-08 08:09:17

I am happy to host here - DH will be at home but I can turf him upstairs to play his Playstation wink - it is a bit of trek twice in one week for everyone though that's the only thing?

MrsMagooo Sat 25-Oct-08 15:57:09

Will have to scrap that - unless it's from 8:30pm Tues as have now got a driving lesson booked for 7:30 Tues evening Xx

Mung Tue 28-Oct-08 08:44:06

So....anyone interested in going out for pizza instead? Here is a sample menu from zizzi. Its quite easy to find and is central.

lucyfer2000 Tue 28-Oct-08 19:46:55

Hiya!, looks like i'm stuck in tonight anyway now cos DP is running late getting back from London.

Sorry i didn't see this post earlier either. We will have to organise it again for another night by the looks of it.

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