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Midwife misery

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Miyajima Thu 23-Oct-08 07:05:20

Want to pick your brains. Went into work late due to a midwife visit being arranged. Waited 20 minutes (at home) and she didn't show. I was already stressed so this just about tipped me over the edge.

Eventually she called, said she was only 15 minutes late (didn't apologise)and wanted to reschedule.

I don't think we have gotten off to the best start and I think I've got enough to think about without stressing about her timekeeping abilities.

Hubby wants me to ask for a new one, and the only appointment my existing could give me was 2 weeks away! So I'll be nearly 9 weeks pregnant and still not seen by a midwife!

Thoughts, suggestions etc please?

(Be gentle am ploughing through the delights of morning sickness and full time employment at the moment :-( )

4inthebed Wed 05-Nov-08 15:10:53

hi miyajima, im in redruth and my midwife with my 2nd pregnancy was bloomin useless, if it was my first i would have asked for another one, as the first time i had a lovely midwife in penryn and it made such a difference. Especially with it being your first preg you wan to have someone you like and trust.

to be fair to them, they are understaffed and on call midwives do have babies to deliver etc which are very unpredictable but then on the other hand its your pregnancy and you have evry right to be selfish and get the level of care you want.

I would phone your clinic, docotors or wherever your midwife is based and ask how you go about getting an appiontment sooner, good luck

Miyajima Sun 09-Nov-08 12:46:39

I think I am sorted. Asked for a different one and have a lovely one who is very no nonsense and exactly what I wanted. Stupidly I didn't realise that it won't automatically be her who delivers the baby. Mind you, a private one costs about 3k!

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