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reassurance scan from Healthcare or nhs

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Cookiemg Mon 20-Oct-08 07:50:28

I am 16 weeks and really worried that baby is not growing properly as everyone tells me how small I am. I don't know who to turn to for reassurance as I don't see the midwife until 22 weeks! I raised my concerns with midwife on Thursday and she said I was just freaking out but that is not enough for me. Do Healthcare do scans at this stage to check for growth or would the hospital do anything for me?

liath Mon 20-Oct-08 07:54:40

I didn't even look pg at 16 weeks TBH but I'd try your midwife again before forking out privately. I know healthcare now do dating scans and 20 week morphology scans but you'd probably have to give them a ring to see if they'd do a scan for growth at this stage.

Upwind Mon 20-Oct-08 08:00:25

You can have a scan with HealthcareNow at any time. But really, I was/am the same. Everyone keeps telling me how small I am, at 17 weeks my midwife even told me I was measuring three weeks too small and proceeded to terrify me about it. It turned out that it is not actually unusual to seem/measure v. small, especially in a first baby. Or if you have a toned belly or are tall or have wide hips... or any number of reasons.

In the end, I had a scan which showed my baby is actually slightly bigger than average with plenty of fluid. So it was a lot of worrying about nothing. Now at 26 weeks people are still astonished when I say I am pregnant. But those who know me have finally stopped going on about how small I am! And my baby's constant vigorous kicking reassures me that they are doing just fine.

Phone your midwife for reassurance, assuming you don't have the same one as me hmm she should be able to provide it. No harm in organising an extra appointment to quell your anxiety.

Cookiemg Mon 20-Oct-08 08:10:47

thanks so much, I will call the midwife and hopefully can hold out until 20 week anomaly at Healthcare. Our nhs provision is so rubbish!

Upwind Mon 20-Oct-08 08:17:56

Yes and ignore the stupid comments - it is perfectly normal not to show at all at 16 weeks. I don't know if all these remarks are bitchy ("you don't even look pregnant at all, are you sure you are really pregnant?"), envious ("I'd give anything for your figure and you're pregnant!") or misguided flattery. Tell them they are upsetting you.

liath Mon 20-Oct-08 08:22:06

Actually this was one of the things I really hated about being pg - the fact that it was like open season for people to make really personal remarks about your body angry. You get told you're too big, too small, carrying high, carrying low. People try to touch your bump. It drove me bonkers!!!

kerryk Wed 22-Oct-08 10:31:13

thing is, how big your bump is really does not give a good indication of how big baby will be. its all a bit all a bit "old wives tale".

i had a small bump with dd1 but she was 8lb 10.5 oz, i had a bigger bump with dd2 (who ended up 7lb 6oz) but they had me in for extra scans near the end as they thought she had stopped growing.

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