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New to the area - need to make some friends

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sunnygirl1412 Tue 14-Oct-08 18:36:50

Hi there.

I moved up to Renfrewshire from Essex in April (my husband got a new job in Glasgow). I've got 3 ds's, aged 11, 13 and 15, who have all settled in well to their new schools (thanks be).

The last time we moved house, I had one small baby, and I went to Mums and Toddlers groups, and joined my local NCT, and I made friends through these groups initially, and eventually made more friends at the school gates. My problem is that, because they are all now waaaay to old to want me taking them to school, I don't have that natural point of contact with other parents.

I am trying to join things that will get me out of the house, because I know I can get very housebound if I let myself - I suffer from depression, and it's not easy to be without my network of friends who supported me so much in Essex.

Anyway, if there are any mums out there in Renfrewshire who'd like to meet up, I'd love the chance to make some friends.

I just hope I haven't sounded like too much of a desperate Norma No-Mates, and haven't put you all off too much!

lauramumof2 Thu 16-Oct-08 21:29:04

hi i have just joined mumsnet and saw your message, i live in renfrew and have 2 young children (much younger than yours) but i thought id message you anyway as i am looking for adult company, and like you, to be able to get out. i suffer from panic attacks and slight agoraphobia so i need to make myself get out and about. anyway give me a message back if you wanna chat or whatever. i am 26 and have a 4yr old and a 4 mth old.

sunnygirl1412 Thu 16-Oct-08 23:52:54

That would be lovely, laura. I'm not sure how to use the private message facility here - i've only just joined too, so we may have to resort to carrier pigeons - lol.

Speak soon.

CompactDisc Sun 04-Sep-11 12:33:55

Norma No-Mates, that's a new moniker never heard that one before, but applies I'm afraid LOL!

I'm housebound (at the present it's worse the car needs fixing not enough cash for it yet!) Hubby's the one doing the attending for our munchkins. It is a bit worst since last year, daughter changed to another Educational Facility and son found that difficult to be without his sister, with his condition, that was a bit tough to be honest as son needs to be accompanied at all times, he does try sometimes but he ends up panicking major!

I can very well understand you Sunnygirl1412, coming from somewhere totally different and trying to integrate in a new area is very difficult, especially when the people in said area have the wrong concept of the new person in their vicinity, being considered like an intruder is no fun at any given time.

We've moved to our present residence nearly 6 years now, and after a full 5 year of attacks, it's finally a bit more quiet, first summer completely quiet....

Being a Mom which much older children, one in Uni, the other in College, I have a lot of things I can talk about so I'm hoping I'll be found useful here.

Hoping to hear from either of you.

Later CD

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