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Monthly or bi-monthly film night

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Mung Tue 14-Oct-08 07:35:24

Anyone interested in a monthly or bimonthly film night?

After the cost of a cinema ticket, I thought it would be a nice way of getting together, having a gladd of vino and watching a film. I will happily host in our 'shabby' cinema room (just be warned that despite the whole screen and projector set up, we have a rather make shift surround sound arrangement) and we could beg and borrow DVDs at first to watch, then we could order them via a DVD delivery service.

Let me know who would be interested and which night would be best for you. I was thinking of saying 1st (and maybe 3rd) Wednesday of the month at around 7.30/8.

MrsMagooo Tue 14-Oct-08 15:35:14

Sounds a fab idea to me!!

I'm joined up to so can put in requests for DVDs when I know which ones everyone would like to watch grin

Won't be able to make every one as DH is on shifts but will make them when I can

Mung Wed 15-Oct-08 07:33:52

Great...anyone else?

I thought we could watch one of my favourites for the first one: y tu mama tambien.

MadameCastafiore Wed 15-Oct-08 08:18:13

Oooohhhh yes would love it - got Vantage Point yesterday from DS for birthday - (DH really wanted it!) - its a bit blokey but supposed to be really good!

lucyfer2000 Wed 15-Oct-08 20:47:05

Well you know that i don't need asking twice!!

I'm also with lovefilm and can get dvds - so lets get going!

Mung Thu 16-Oct-08 11:48:47

Is a Wednesday good for all of you? Perhaps we could make a decision of days at your house Madame on Tuesday (it is next week isn't it?).

Bring your diaries and film choices.

Mung Thu 16-Oct-08 11:51:19

I must add that DH will be about. I may invite some other film fanatic friends, so it wont be exclusively the MN clan...hope thats OK.

DH is shocked that I think its alright to have people over despite the room not being up to AV forum standards. He is also seeing it as a great excuse to buy a new projector, so make sure you tell him that the one we have is great and the image is perfect wink.

lucyfer2000 Thu 16-Oct-08 22:09:41

Your DH sounds hilarious - he should try watching films on our crappy old tv - we even seem to get two black lines (across the top and the bottom) I think it is something to do with having an old curvy screen!

pooter Mon 27-Oct-08 18:37:36

Ooh - im in! DH will be very jealous, but 'pah' to him! he can sit on his own and watch one of his gory violent films without me cringing next to him and making him turn the sound off. (wuss emoticon)

oh yes, i have some film watching requirements - a large pillow to hide behind if it gets in the least violent and a couple of hankies for any sad/soppy/happy/funny moments. Really - i WILL cry - i warn you now!
smile grinsad wink shockangry envy blush hmm

i love these hatted smileys!

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