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Any good craft supply places in or near Brighton?

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Twiga Fri 10-Oct-08 13:58:13

Need to source some stuff for Christmas cards and birth announcments - pefer to have a wander round somewhere rather than order on-line. Anyone know of anywhere good in terms of choice, service etc for craft stuff in or near Brighton? Ta x

benbon Fri 10-Oct-08 18:08:50

hi the nearest decent place for craft things is hobby craft in crawely...
we defo need better ones down here

Twiga Fri 10-Oct-08 19:27:52

Thanks benbon. Just moved down from Scotland recently so no idea of geography - how long would it take to get to crawely from Hove and can I get most things there? 29 wks pg with spd so not up for having to trawel too far for too long, so would be great to do a one stop shop even if it's a bit of a hike.

biscuitsmustbedunkedintea Fri 10-Oct-08 23:53:30

Once out of Brighton, Crawley's 20 odd miles north on the A23.

Slightly nearer is a craft place on the slip road at Hickstead exit, again on the A23, but only 10 miles away. Can't think what the name of it is, but my neighbour is a card crafter and thats where she gets her stuff from.

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