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FAO Sparklyprincess!!!!

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Sawyer64 Tue 07-Oct-08 23:29:48

Hi Sp,don't know if you have heard about this,but felt you may wish to know asap.

Have tried to send you the full version via E Mail,but suspect you have a different account now.

If you want more detail,send me your new E Mail address and I will forward the whole thing to you........

There has been much debate about the catchment areas for the new Queen Boudica School at Turner Village (on Turner Road) and Myland School on Mill Road. Originally it had been suggested that Turner Rise and all housing on the Northern Approaches would feed the new school and most older housing near Myland school would be within the catchment. However, following input from parents consultation, agreement of school govenors and with intervention from ward Councillors Anne Turrell and Martin Goss, the boundary has been changed to the attached map.

In summary the top end of the Northern Approaches namely Tranter Drive, Cambie Crescent, Bolsin Drive, Dickenson Road, and Shepherd Drive remain as part of the Myland School catchment area and Hollymead Close, Wryneck Close, Lufkin Road and the bottom part of Turner Road are now within the catchment area of the new Queen Boudica school at Turner Village.

SparklyPrincess Wed 08-Oct-08 10:32:50

Thanks Sawyer - have emailed you, let me know if you don't get it!

This is turning into a bit of a local epic!

Does make sense to have the catchments near the schools though...

Sawyer64 Wed 08-Oct-08 14:22:23

Too true.

E Mailed received and full version E mailed back to you.

Sawyer64 Wed 08-Oct-08 14:23:42

Sorry teacher! thats meant to say E mail,not Emailed!!

MissisBoot Thu 09-Oct-08 12:58:51

SP - can you email it to me please?

Sawyer64 Thu 09-Oct-08 14:36:45

I can forward it to you MissisBoot,if 6you give me your E Mail.

MissisBoot Thu 09-Oct-08 16:19:44

can you email it to sophierosie1 at yahoo dot co dot uk!


SparklyPrincess Fri 10-Oct-08 09:48:35

Thanks for sending me that Sawyer

Sawyer64 Fri 10-Oct-08 14:34:00

No problem.Would be in same situation if DD1 was a little younger.

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