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Childrens hairdresser?

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HelenGG Tue 07-Oct-08 20:18:40

Can anyone reccomend a hairdresser that I could take my son to (16 months), apart from Loop in Ealing?


littlestarschildminding Sun 12-Oct-08 17:33:35

Busbys in Northfields avenue are very good with children, they have a childrens seat (a car if I remember rightly) that they sit in while they cut.

muppetsmum Fri 23-Jan-09 11:06:31

Just had my 19 mo DDs hair cut at Busby's as Loop has now closed. They made a nice job of it and the car-chair was fun, though other than that I wouldn't say they were hugely child-friendly. If anyone knows how to contact the nice lady who used to do the haircuts at Loop I would be really glad to know! She was lovely with DD who has such a mop of hair it needs cutting more often than mine!

slng Fri 23-Jan-09 16:51:25

Years (at least 3) ago there used to be a children's hairdresser at Snips at St John's on Mattock Lane. Don't even know if Snips still runs ...

murf Fri 21-Aug-09 22:58:33

i found one in chiswick called the chiswick salon on fauconberg road. £7 for my 10 moth old they wre good. also trotters on turnham green terrace but they are expensive

pinotplease Tue 25-Aug-09 22:35:33

Have had my DD hair cut at Snips (is still there Tuesday and Thursday morning from 10-1). I think it cost £5,but can't be certain. You don't need to make an appointment in advance just show up and sign up next to a time slot on the list. Also recommend Snips as a baby group, its very organised and so much to do from the normal baby group activities to baby massage and singing sessions and story sessions. You donate £1 on entry and then the singing is another £2.50 but well worth it! Also have a cafe area where you can buy lunch (baked potatoes, cheese on toast etc.)

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