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Calling Eastbourne! Or are we actually REALLY all old fuddy-duddy OAP's!?

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HobbitMama Mon 06-Oct-08 04:14:05

Just thought I'd put some feelers out for a Christmas meet-up. I'm really new to mn, but as I'm pg with #3 and due to go on mat leave at Crimble, I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in a coffee around that time.

Mrs Doake's bookshop's probably quite a good place for any of us with littlies, but completely open to other ideas!

And as for dates, I thought maybe Monday 22nd? Those of us who've got school age kiddies should be on hols then?

Yours, in hope that we're not all dead in this town,


(Hobbit's nearly 10, Elf's 6, and Poppet is 21 weeks before emerging into the world!)

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