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Antenatal yoga classes - any suggestions, please!

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Fryn Fri 03-Oct-08 16:27:56

Could anyone recommend an antenatal yoga class in the Clapton/Hackney/Stoke Newington area?
Many thanks,

Cottonnappylover Fri 10-Oct-08 14:14:48

Absolutely! Antenatal yoga: a must and a godsend. Holistic Health, 64 Broadway Market in London Fields E8 has a 'well being' centre that does antenatal yoga / accupuncture / antenatal massage etc and if their times don't suit you then there is the Active Birth Centre, Bickerton Road N19. I used both and found them brilliant. Good luck!

bonmumtobe Fri 10-Oct-08 14:48:38

I would also recommend Holistic Health. Antenatal yoga is great and was definitely helpful for me.

lowrib Sat 11-Oct-08 13:06:19

Has I was thinking of Yoga Home in Stokey but based purely on their website.

Has anyone been there?

lowrib Sat 11-Oct-08 13:19:35

Oops, a stray "has" seems to have sneaked in just then!

Holistic Health bizarrely seems to have 2 websites [confused!]

Does anyone know which is the right one?

(both mention the place having new management in 2008).

poisondwarf Sat 11-Oct-08 14:08:32

Hiya lowrib,

There is also an antenatal yoga class at Kings Hall (or at least there was just before I had DS in March last year). About £7 for a class or free with a leisure card. It was on a Tuesday morning so only good for when you've started mat leave. Haven't done any other antenatal yoga classes to compare it to but it wasn't the best yoga class I've been to (or the worst either). It was fine.

lowrib Sat 11-Oct-08 14:40:16

Hiya poisondwarf, cheers smile

janx Sat 11-Oct-08 14:42:01

I went to the yoga class when I was pregnant with my dd - four years ago. If it is the tea and chat and yoga one - it was good - but I was too knackered for the evening one and used to go to the Sunday am one which was nicer

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