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Moving back to SE15/SE22 from overseas - but what about primary schools??

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ZamMummy Tue 30-Sep-08 11:34:51

DH & I lived on Peckham Rye (the Nunhead side) until 2004 when we moved to Zambia, but that was pre-kids! We are now thinking about moving back (DH contract due to end next year or 2010 latest). Have been looking at the council website and it looks like almost every school in the borough is oversubscribed! Does this mean that as well as finding somewhere to live that we can actually afford we also have to find somewhere practically next to a primary school?
What are the schools like in Peckham Rye/Nunhead/East Dulwich/Bellenden? Want somewhere with a nice friendly atmosphere and good adult/child ratio more than tip-top results.
DS1 born in June 06 so would need to be applying in Jan 2010 for Jan 11 entry - the thing is that we may not be back until April 2010, so would that mean he won't get in anywhere, or end up somewhere at the other end of the borough? We could potentially come back early, around August 2009, but would have to let DH's company know very soon, and it wouldn't be very popular.....
Am also posting this in primary ed, thanks anyone and everyone for your advice.

Theladyevenstar Tue 30-Sep-08 13:23:41

Hi Zam,

There is an excellent school in Camberwell SE5 it is called St John The Divine. If you want i can give you the addy and phone number.

missismac Wed 01-Oct-08 16:26:10

Hi Zam mummy,

Have you checked out the online East Dulwich Forum? There's a big thread on there about the schools issue.

I live in SE22 and my kids have all been through the D village infants and juniors. They're good. Have also heard that Heber, St Johns and St Clements and Dog Kennel Hill are really good from friends with Kids there. DV schools have no afterschool care provision but I think the others do.

DV Schools were ridiculously anal about proof of address. You had to be living at your address when you applied for the place (and provide proof in the form of Child benefit letter, Council tax with same name as child benefit letter on and one other household bill). You also had to provide the same proof of residence in the first week of school.

In your case I would suggest an email to Southwark Education department to get the timeline for application and presentation of necessary documents straight in your head. it sounds like you're going to have to be uber-organised for this.

It's worth coming over to check out a few of the schools and property in their area if you can. The catchments are all smallish but equally there are always scare stories and mostly it seems that people do get the school they want in the end.

Good luck with your search and moving back.


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