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Would anyone be interested in a Napuccino in Calcot/Tilehurst??

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tellyaddict Sat 27-Sep-08 21:40:10

If there are enough people I'd be happy to organise one in that area, being passionate about reusable nappies and all..... grin .... anyone be interested??

f1nut Sun 28-Sep-08 12:25:10

ooh would love to to join in if your do one, i had the baby last week so we now need to decide and buy nappies, hes still in pampers at the mo and will keep him in them till he not poing every 5 mins though, lol.

how r u?


GordonTheGopher Sun 28-Sep-08 12:33:58

My sister might do - I'm too late to be converted to reusables! I'll show her this thread.

MrsJamin Sun 28-Sep-08 19:07:07

um, what would be the purpose of it, IYGWIM? I've only been to a twinkle one to see all the ones she sells (which was v useful but I'm set on which nappies I use now).

tellyaddict Sun 28-Sep-08 20:48:37

F1nut CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's funny I would just thinking about you the other night, thinking your baby could be here now, and he is!! We are all OK, let me know if you fancy a coffee smile I'd love to give your lo a cuddle ...

Mrs Jamin, the purpose would be to allow people to 'touch and feel' nappies if they are interested in reusables and generally find info out. I can get Nappuccino packs from different manufacturers so that there is a choice. If anyone likes them then they can order some and I would deliver or allow collection from me. I am also considering actually selling nappies online, but like the idea of people coming along to see them first, a bit more personal and removes the 'blind' buying element of ordering over the internet. Plus I get to talk nappies ... I'm very sad and just love to talk nappies to anyone who'll listen grin.

f1nut Wed 08-Oct-08 20:08:27

thanks hun :O) love to meet for cuppa, have you decided to do a nappachino? maybe put message on netmums, get some interest.

could do with some of ur knollege, went to nappuchino at biscuit tin cafe today, was ok, lady said a mix of itti bitti, and flexitots would be a good start.

hes 2 weeks now and im dying to get him in cloth, just dont want to make a mistake with what to buy.

anyways, hows u? and kids?

tellyaddict Wed 08-Oct-08 20:35:57

Hi there F1nut - I would love to do nappuccino but no interest on here (other than you obviously!!) and I don't want to pay out for demo kit and have no-one turn up hmm. I should look at netmums too, thanks for tip!

We are all good ta, my lo is now nearly 10 months and HUGE!!

When are you free for a coffee then? Could always bring nappies that I use and show to you if you like?

And I have to have a cuddle of your lo, saw a 2 week old today who was absolutely scrummy.... no.4 might have to be sooner than planned lol!

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