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Brighton Steiner School Open Day

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sj34 Tue 23-Sep-08 16:28:13

Hello Lovely People!

I'm inviting you to check out a number of things that are up and coming, but of course if this isn't for you, please ignore!

Engagement Play: A Child's Work
The first in a series of educational talks at Brighton Steiner School, this is a fantastic talk from indpendent education consultant Craig Taylor which looks at animating your child's connection to learning. Five simple steps to help your child from this pioneering educator with over 25 years? experience. Craig has worked in Steiner, independent and mainstream schools and currently runs the Heads Up programme in addition to his work as an education advisor. The talk will run from 5-6pm on Friday, September 26th, at Brighton Steiner School, after their Open Day, to which all are welcome. And it's free!

Brighton Steiner School Open Day
Yes, as mentioned, Brighton Steiner School opens its doors to you on Friday September 26th from 9am to 5pm, giving families a chance to discover for themselves what Steiner education is really about.

If you're concerned at the emotional costs of a targets-driven approach to education, you might be interested to see how the Steiner approach to education differs, and what it might offer your children. Acknowledged for producing confident, happy children with a love of learning (just look at my two!), Steiner schools demonstrate a culture of mutual respect between teachers, pupils and parents, and foster the imagination of each individual.

The Open Day is free and open to all and will feature tours of ?live? classrooms, an introductory talk on the Steiner Curriculum, an exhibition of work and performances by pupils. There's also a couple of workshops where parents and children can take part in Steiner lessons for a pupil?s-eye view of the curriculum, and an ?Ask the Panel? session where former pupils can respond to questions, and you can chat informally with teachers and parents.

So if you've ever been Steiner-curious, now's your chance to find out! or 01273 386300 or for details.

Dawn Eagle Woman Workshops: Resistance
One of the secrets of life is to be truly oneself... But that's harder than it sounds! We meet resistance when we become who others want us to be, or remain who we used to be, or attempt to be who others want us to become one day. Letting go of these conditionings is the key to becoming YOU. This workshop is about accessing the courage to be Oneself and living out of one's True Nature. Once this happens the resistance field around you falls away and radiant health and well being are your destiny.

2 One-Day Workshops on Resistance 25th Oct and 8th Nov with reknowned Shamanic healer from the US.

Private sessions, bookable between 18th Oct and 11th Nov, offer deep alchemical shifts in body-mind & consciousness. Evening Gatherings by arrangement.

Dawn Eagle Woman is a gifted healer. Profoundly experienced in this work, she has transformed the lives of hundreds of people and offers a deep, safe space to approach your own transformation. She's certainly done wonders for me!

All bookings via Andrew Kane Centre, 209 Preston Rd. 01273 555 111 or For more information visit

And finally, just a warm wish from me that you get outdoors to enjoy the mellow, misty Autumn in all those glorious colours!

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