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Birthday Party for 3 year old this December......

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KTLou Thu 18-Sep-08 22:19:45

DD1 Turns 3 on Xmas Day and I have party issues - what would YOU do?

1.Venue ideas that don't cost the earth? Would go as far as Fareham to East and Eastleigh to West...
2.Will have to cater for veggie friends/1 x nut allergy/1 x coeliac plus regular fussy toddlers how do I cater for all of these 'dietary requirements'...
3.Too cold to go outside but she'd love a bouncy castle, structured games will be a nightmare to co-ordinate what will we DO?...
4.She has few (4) old friends from previous nursery and lots (15) of new kids at new nursery but she doesn't know all of them that well, plus a couple of family friends' kids - who do we invite?
5. We aren't really into the Princess/Fairy/Ballerina stage yet so theme's would go unnoticed unless it was Zoo/Jungle or Farm themed!

Have any local mums had good experiences they'd recommend? Any advice? thx!!!

Buckets Sat 20-Sep-08 10:44:05

No such thing as innapropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing! Mention that on the invitation. A bubble machine and disco cd will keep small kids occupied for ages on the patio. Pitch a tent for them to use as a base or borrow garden toys. Assume most parents will be staying at that age so you will have plenty of help. You could hide prizes all round the garden like an easter egg hunt. Let them play outside, (put down lots of newspaper near the back door), come in and strip off for food, then have someone reading stories, leading songs etc til it's time to go (put time on invitations, many venues only offer 90mins.)

Do all food vegetarian except for what is obviously meat eg ham. Cheap quiches, pizzas, crisps, crudites, dried fruit etc. Individual juice cartons. Check for nut content and just don't buy it if it's there. Or you could make little lunchboxes a la Haskins / John Lewis so they just get what they're given and tricky-diet folk have their own special ones.
Veggie chili on the hob for grown ups plus plain rice, nachos and grated cheese, salsa, sour cream in bowls. Or hot veggie soup in mugs for grown-ups if you want less hassle.

Hope this helps, it's the budget option grin.

NappyValley Fri 03-Oct-08 17:19:07

I run Talking Tots and we do a party package for 1 -5 yr olds. It is fairly traditional with pass the parcel, parachute play and other songs and games. it is an hours entertainment. I also know loads of halls.

If you are interested in more details, drop me an email or look at

Tommy Fri 03-Oct-08 17:25:43

how about a leisure centre? DS1 went to a party at Bitterne which had a bouncy castle and some soft play equipment. The party room was next door and you would supply own food. The food room was also big enough for games 0 pass the parcel etc.

DS2 is going to one at Totton leisure centre on Sunday - I could report ack to you if you like!

(nappyvalley - I keep seeing posters for talking tots - I must be following you around grin)

NappyValley Sat 11-Oct-08 11:57:13

Wow tommy I am pleased that I am managing to get noticed!! you should come and try out the classes, they are proving to be very popular and a really good laugh.

I went to a party at Bitterne Leisure Centre, it was fun. You have to do your own food, but I think it is a fixed rate so your money goes much further and you can have loads of kids.

Tommy Sat 11-Oct-08 17:54:39

Totton leisure was very good, The mum just brought sandwiches, crisps, cakes etc. The bouncy castle was very successful!

D3 is 20 months now nappyvalley - what age are the classes for? Mostly he just says "ga" alot at the moment hmm

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