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TowerHamlets Bumps... where are you?

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fourlittlefeet Wed 17-Sep-08 13:52:30

Anyone pregnant in tower hamlets/hackney at the moment? Obviously some people are hmm but I mean, and around and willing to meet up!

fourlittlefeet Wed 17-Sep-08 16:46:37

Bump (lol)

Nic13 Sun 28-Sep-08 19:54:34

i am Nic i am 9 weeks pregnant - no one realy knows yet but be nice to meet up - yes there are plenty of pregnant women - a stroll through Vicky park made me smile today to see all the bumbs - made me wonder how many unseenbumbs there are ...

are you going swimming in the lido for fun or classes?

take care

fourlittlefeet Tue 14-Oct-08 10:27:23

hello, haven't been on here as it seemed very quiet last time and realised my name was on all the threads! blush

guess you are coming up for your scan soon?

I'm going to some great antenatal yoga classes on roman road but can't face the lido for some reason; need to get going though as I do love swimming outside.

Nic13 Sat 01-Nov-08 17:07:56


me neither -

just had my scan everything ok for the moment - next one is mid december

I am starting a yoga course in Hackney - Vicki village - i cant do the one in body wise - working at that time.

When are you due? fancy meeting up some time?

i am still looking for a warm pool!!! i love swimming but prefer a warm one when i am swimming slowly!!


fourlittlefeet Fri 07-Nov-08 21:58:51

hello, yes would love to meet up. i'm due in Jan so currently 30 wks... sounds like you're around 13 weeks if you've just had your first scan? Have you been to york hall pool in old ford road?

Nic13 Mon 17-Nov-08 20:27:07

Hi again

its 16 weeks on wednesday - feels like time is running.

I tend to go with a friend to Highbury because the waeris warm andits open till late - is the waterwarm in york hall?

is ther any ane natal water stuff in york hall? i know there is some in greenwhich might go there from the new year on ...

you must be counting the weeks for it to come ... is it one or two??

fancy a 'coffee' in Vicky park or anywhere else?


fourlittlefeet Tue 18-Nov-08 20:45:13

yes, water is warm in york hall, but haven't been for ages! am now 32 weeks so countdown has begun. would be nice to meet in the pavilion or something for a coffee if you are up for it!

Nic13 Mon 22-Dec-08 13:57:03

Hi sorry i have been sooooooooooo busy but now its holidays ....

how are you doing? you must be nearly due - good luck and let me know and maybe we can meet up in the park once the little on is there

mine has definetly discovered kicking and is getting stronger by the day!! i am loving it!

all the best
have a lovely Christmas


evae1 Mon 05-Jan-09 22:15:16

Hi! There is a very active TH NCT yahoo group, which you can sign up to without being an NCT member. Once you have the babies and are mobile, the coffee mornings (E1/E2, E3 and E14) are a great way to meet other mums. The info is on the yahoo group site.

fourlittlefeet Sun 08-Feb-09 19:45:31

thanks evae. for some reason never managed to make yahoo groups work for me.. find them really confusing!

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