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continued pontification for September

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sfxmum Wed 17-Sep-08 11:49:42

hello bla bla bla

slng Wed 17-Sep-08 11:56:55

hello bla bla bla to you too!

MrsRecycle Wed 17-Sep-08 12:28:29

xoxo - Rye, East Sussex.

bla bla bla everyone...

Oh My God - I have just been head-hunted - never happened to me in my life. It's an amazing role that I can relocate with as well. 3 days client site/1 day office/1 day at home. Can't say too much but its for one of the biggest computer companies.

SushiMummy Wed 17-Sep-08 12:39:54

Hi all.

MrsR - I'm excited for you! Are you tempted?

MrsRecycle Wed 17-Sep-08 12:41:49

very very tempted - just found out the salary as well - its amazing.

Paddlechick666 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:43:37

omg! Well done Mrsr! Sounds fanastic, keep us informed.

Am keeping v. close eye on business news today. R4 just had an excellent programme/nterview on what's goi g on today.
I'm with the conspiracy theorists tho, too convenientthat the FSA leak info after shares plummet and Today prob say savings aren't safe!
Bit concerned that I know like R4 more than R1......

slng Wed 17-Sep-08 12:44:24

Ooo MrsR, how exciting!

Hello Sushi how are you?

Am waiting for boiler service person to come. Does 12-2 mean 2 o'clock really?

Paddlechick666 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:45:01

now, not know!

AtheneNoctua Wed 17-Sep-08 13:09:53

That's great, MrsR. Good luck.

mellow2 Wed 17-Sep-08 13:40:42

Great news, Mrs R. smile

Sushi - I got your message about lunch btw. I just can't remember to post a response.

sfxmum Wed 17-Sep-08 13:46:04

mrsR that is great news - good luck

paddle there was a programme last night on said station about said problems, very good you can catch it on listen again or i-player

R4 far better than R1 muck although I still listen to 6music and xfm despite its alarming ideas on what constitutes a classic rock track <shudder>

slng Wed 17-Sep-08 14:12:55

The @@*&$%£ gas enginner is $£"&£ lost because his sat nav tells him to go somewhere else and they kept accusing me of not answering the door. WHAT'S WRONG WITH USING A &^$@~# MAP!!??

Harrumph and double harrumph and triple harrumph.

sillybigsausage Wed 17-Sep-08 14:56:46

blah blah

well done mrsr !!!

MrsRecycle Wed 17-Sep-08 16:28:02

well cv all despatched - have to wait a couple of weeks, they didn't blink at my salary demands, thought they were quite reasonable (what!). So it's the waiting game now.

SJ99 Wed 17-Sep-08 16:43:11

Hello all

Good luck MrsR, v. exciting!

Paddle - it's such a hard call, don't think prices will go up in next few yrs but no one knows how far they will fall. If you don't think you could face living in your current place for next few yrs, not much point in hanging about....obvioulsy you're not allowed to go (we'd miss you!) so there's your decision made for you grin
We're still watching the market, if we find something we like, we will still try and buy rather than wait for a few yrs

Slng - map reading is dying art unfortunately

Mellow - good luck with babysitter and enjoy your night out

Xoxo - you'll be due same time as me then grin I'll be at Kingston what about you? We did find out the sex but no spoilers I'm afraid!

Steppie - good luck with DD's settling in session

stepfordwife Wed 17-Sep-08 17:26:06

oooh goodie, blah-ing is what i do best...

thanks SJ..dd's settling sesh fine - but i was there with her! so nice being back there - with one exception same staff as when ds1 and ds2 went which is always a good sign, isn't it.
i HEART windham grin

mrsR...that's fantastic! what a confidence boost, eh? lol at didn't flinch at your salary demands...always makes you think;'damn, i should have asked for more."

oh dear, don't think i washed clothes first even when they were newborns...may have done a few times for ds1 in the first flush of parenthood..

sfxmum Wed 17-Sep-08 17:46:46

sat nav always makes me froth at the mouth will spare you the story of the cabbie using one from my flat to West Mid while I was in active labour, I might have growled

steppie glad nursery ok

bunyanvillas Wed 17-Sep-08 19:07:59

Oh Mrs R, how terribly exciting! I would LOVE to be headhunted for an exciting job, how brilliant for you.

Can I just say - I still, even now, wash any new clothes for the dcs before they are worn. On the one hand, I am a fairly relaxed laid back person. But on the other hand ... blush

Paddle. I completely understand your sentiments, I invested some cash in this place and of course if we sell now I won't see it again. However, if you want/need to move then what can you do - you have to think long-term. Which is easier said than done. I'm currently trying to work out whether we will stay here until, say, 2010 and see how things are - or just try and move now.

Absolutely totally and completely knackered here. Tis week 7 of school hols for us and while on the one hand it really is lovely - on the other, it is also completely exhausting!

Paddlechick666 Wed 17-Sep-08 19:27:17

evening all, what a mental day. i haven't stopped. work is crazy but i did manage to cook the best banana bread i've ever managed so pleased with that.

have not even had time to call kew blush

i had a very productive/good news phone call with my mortgage provider today and i think that has clinched the decision for me.

i will drop my price and hope to bag a bargain that i can live in for a while (yeh yeh i say that every time i move!!) and reap the reward when the market recovers.

thanks for all the advice everyone.

am hoping to get dd into bed a bit earlier tonight. she's got 5 more mins then milk and story. last night it was nearly 9pm then i had to eat!

i think it's time to drop the daytime nap at the CM. she's all but dropped it on days she isn't there.

oh, another bit of good (i think) news is that i had my x-ray today and so far no one has called. apparently if there is something serious they phone it thru immediately.

so, i'm working back from lung cancer now smile

susiecutiebananas Wed 17-Sep-08 19:32:34

R4 is the gateway to the world IMHO grin Also makes me feel terribly at home. If i'm not feeling so great, it gets put on all round the flat. Apparently ,there is actually a name for the type of sound that they produce in production, if that makes sense. Can't remember what it's called now. A sound engineer at Abbey Road told me when I was watching my DB recording something. THey over produce the certain tones in the voice... grin

paddle- I'd honestly not listen to the EA as they really are in it for themselves. THe general advice is that is will settle again in a couple of years. Surely that if you sell now, you may lose, and anything you buy, coudl go the same way. My DB was adivsed to stay put for the ext 2 years possibly 3 to wait for markets to settle and then look at it again. I was gutted as they were supposed to be moving really near to me.

Kew- sure you're not reading this, but if so, thinking of you, hope the nurses are treating you well. If not send them my way wink

Hope you are all ok. no change here. had a friend last night and all day today and I got really upset when she went NOt sure why. just the thought of having nothing to look forward to, to look forward to having some company etc... H emailed yesterday and promised a call last night. And didn't, then same again today- still no call

What is west mid like all who've been there? I decided to just sign ontp their vacancy bulleten incase something crops up which is suitable. Doesn't hurt to look hey? won't waist my time if its not a great place to be wink Maybe i'll go and have a wander around one day. hmm

Right, must go and wash littlecutie. Can't manage to lift her tonight so no bath!

Really sorry for those I missed out.

Oh, lastly!!!! Honestly!!!! blush Is anyone about tomorrow, even just for a coffee any time, just I know staying in will not help me and seeing or meeting up ( with some new faces!!! wink wink ) would be a good thing for us both I think

slng Wed 17-Sep-08 19:33:02

Are you going to leave then Paddle sad. I haven't met you yet!

Two loaves of bread just out of the oven. Would it be very bad to have bread and butter for tea? Perhaps will make a quick soupy thing as excuse to eat bread.

We've had 2 weeks of school and I've had enough. Completely exhausted everyday. Can I blame it on the new routine or is there something wrong with me.

sfxmum Wed 17-Sep-08 19:47:21

bread and butter for tea? can I come over please?

paddle what lung cancer? have you dropped the death sticks? hope you are ok

susie dd has nursery until one but will be home afterwards so you are welcome to drop by, although be warned dd is a snot monster atm

bunyan when does the school start?

mellow how is the settling in going? don't feel guilty I miss dd but am really keen on me time, might even start enjoying more recreational activities, so far it has only been study but I am thinking of going swimming a least once a week

wave to Kew if she is about hope the pesky little things are increasing in number

sfxmum Wed 17-Sep-08 19:48:39

and btw today I have mostly been killing threadsshockgrin best go do something else

susiecutiebananas Wed 17-Sep-08 21:00:39

Just so you didn't think you'd killed this one too lovely! wink

ComeOVeneer Wed 17-Sep-08 21:32:24

Hi all. Well cakes finished and collected. I will post picies when I have a mo. DS is at nursery all day tomorrow so I have a day all to myself grin.

Hope everyone is well. Any update on Kew? I am happy to do some cookng if she lkes, just let me know.

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