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Anyone fancy meeting up in the Wandsworth area

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jkd10 Wed 27-Aug-08 09:51:41


I am mum to a 12 week old daughter and was wondering if there are any local meet ups or mums that would like to meet up in the Clapham Common/Junction/Northcote Rd area.

While I have lots of non-mum friends who are happy to meet up with me after work in the evenings I am looking for things to do to fill up the long days that now start at 6/7am!
Look forward to hearing from you.


Funnyone Wed 27-Aug-08 17:14:54

I live in the same area as you, and I'm due mid Jan next year - so if you still want to meet up after that, I will be around all day!!


ps congrats on baby daughter

millicent1000 Thu 04-Sep-08 16:15:33

Hello and congrats from me too! I am due in October and would love to meet up when my baby has been born.

Like you I have lots of non-Mum friends that I will see in the evenings after they finish work, but the daytime is a whole different matter. It would be lovely to meet up with people who are going through the same thing!

Whereabouts are you based? I am going to be living near the Northcote Road. xx

Hackers79 Tue 09-Sep-08 12:13:04


I've got a 6 week old daughter and also live in the area.

Maybe we could meet for a coffee sometime?

Let me know. x

YankInLondon Wed 10-Sep-08 10:24:50


I have a 13 week boy. Always up for getting out of the house and meeting other mothers.

I'm off to America until Oct 6 on Sunday, but keen for a coffee when I get back.

I'm close to Northcote Road. Where are you?

TheBlonde Wed 10-Sep-08 10:44:49

I have preschoolers but just wanted to post about a playgroup just off the Northcote Rd

Bumps & Babes
for anyone who is pregnant or has a small baby (0 - crawler).
WHEN - Mondays, 10:00am – 11:30am (excluding Bank Holidays). £2, includes drink and biscuits.
Just drop in and chat....
WHERE - St Michaels Church (main entrance), Cobham Close, SW11 6HR (up the lanes opposite Northcote Road Library)
WHO - expectant mums, new mums (and new dads) and babies 0 to crawlers (sorry, no carers/nannies)

Hackers79 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:01:32

thanks for the info about the play group.

let us know when you are back yankinLondon and maybe we can arrange that coffee


firstaider Tue 30-Sep-08 20:58:45

wink I am a local Mum, but also teach First Aid in SW London. If you all want to meet up together and learn some First Aid please give me a call: or 0208 675 4036

minkybetty Fri 07-Nov-08 19:50:42

Hello - don't know if anyone has met up. I live Clapham Common and always free to meet up Mondays and Fridays when not working for walk / chat / coffee / glass wine . I have a DD of 21mths who would enjoy playing with other children.... let me know

cmb7 Mon 17-Nov-08 08:22:07

I live in Clapham Old Town and would like to meet for coffee or a walk sometime. My little boy is 21 weeks old

HeadFairy Mon 17-Nov-08 08:28:13

I live on Northcote Road and I've got a 14 month old ds. It would be very nice to meet up with you all...

Does anyone go to the One O'clock club just off Bolingbroke Grove. We go whenever I'm off work, and it would be lovely for ds to have someone to charge madly around play with

sarahandruby Mon 17-Nov-08 20:30:49


Hi there, My daughter is the same age as yours and would love to meet up, I'm just off Northcote road but could meet at the playground around the top of Battersea Rise, if that's convenient to you. I've just been made redundant and now my daughter isn't in nursery we seem to be driving each other crazy on these cold days. My email address is

cril Tue 18-Nov-08 14:41:28

Hello as well.

Don't know if I've missed the boat, but I've got a 13 week old little girl, Mabel and would love to meet up for a chat / walk / coffee / quiet scream....... I live right near the junction but am willing to walk; in fact it would be good for me.....please reply to:

SophStar Sun 23-Nov-08 21:18:15

Hi I'm expecting my first bub in Feb next year - any other mums-to-be in the area keen to meet up for a drink/coffee and chat.

One of the first in my group of friends to be preggers so would be nice to get to know others also expecting babies...

Anyone in the same boat or keen to meet up? Sophie x

cril Fri 28-Nov-08 15:46:15


I already have a baby daughter but would love to meet up and have coffee / drink when you pop! carolx

emlitt Tue 02-Dec-08 13:31:29

I've just moved to Furzedown and have 9 month old DD. Would love to meet for coffee/playgroup and happy to walk to Balham/Wandsworth etc.

If you like email me on


mcollins Wed 10-Dec-08 11:01:17


I'm a local mum to be and also teach baby massage and baby yoga classes. I can either teach at my house (Acris Street Wandsworth) or come to one of your houses if there is a group of you.

Give me a shout if you're interested on 07799 418917.


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